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Why Olives? Olives have been a longstanding symbol for peace. In the old world, olives and their parts, have been used in numerous ways to boost, maintain and recover health, and because of their amazing health properties, they were also a means of wealth. The olive tree itself is known for it's endurance and strength.

Taking cues from the four tenets of this wonderous fruit, our mission and vision is to support transitions into a wholesome, connected lifestyle with empowering transformational information, applicable consultations and high-end holistic products.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Elixtacular! Raw Ginger and Honey

An elixir of two potent ingredients could possibly be lurking in the corner of your pantry. If you're not common herbal remedies user, you'll be happy to know how simple ginger honey is to make!

Ginger is commonly grown and produced in India. The part typically used is the rhizome or the root. Historically, ginger's value was tremendous medicinally and economically. It's been said that a pound of ginger was worth the value of a single sheep.(1) Ginger is culturally used to "warm" the stomach by diverse cultures across the globe for centuries. Its digestive benefits have been well known for just as long. What is utterly fascinating is that ginger's aphrodisiac-qualities have been written about for thousands of years by the Chinese and Indian societies!(2)  

‘Eat ginger and you will love and be loved as in your youth.’ - Medival Medical School of Salerno

Because ginger has been widely cultivated, used, and studied for centuries, its reported list of benefits could single-handily fill a book, nonetheless, here's a short list.

Colds and Flus
*Cardiovascular Support

Sweet, Sweet Honey

A good herbalist is never without raw, unfiltered honey! Honey - a sweet, golden liquid that has tantalizing tongues for centuries. Honey is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and high in antioxidants. Its sweet taste is a healthy replacement for sugar compared to artificial, chemical sweeteners, which can carry the risk of unhealthy side effects.

The combination of raw ginger and honey is truly potent during colds and flu. As raw ginger plant energetic is warming, it moves, circulates blood. Taking raw ginger honey can soothe coughs and sore throats. You can squeeze fresh lemon and mix it with the elixir for a good shot of immune support throughout your cold.

Honey Ginger Cough & Throat Syrup

One medium organic fresh ginger root- peeled and sliced
Organic, raw honey
A glass jar with a wide mouth and lid.

To make ginger honey there are no exact measurements or rules. Just keep in mind that if you use more ginger than honey, your elixir will more gingery (spicy) than sweet. Choose a good, unblemished, organic ginger root and peel the skin. Slice the root and set aside. Use a medium, wide-mouth glass jar to store your elixir. Honey should organic, preferably raw, for maximum nutrient content. Raw honey is usually thick and unflowing. Some recipes suggest heating up the honey for pourability, but I prefer to avoid heat to keep the nutrients intact. There's a trick you can use to keep your honey off the heat.

Place the sliced ginger and honey alternative in the jar to the top. Top it off with honey, cap and wait. The juice from the ginger will thin the honey out enough. At this point, you can just shake the jar to mix it. Once the honey is thinned out, you can pretty much use it right away!

How to Use

Use a teaspoon for coughs and sore throats. Every one to two hours. Keep un-refrigerated (honey is a natural preservative) in a dark cupboard and use within a week. Take care not to over consume ginger if you're particularly sensitive to ginger's warm (when raw) and drying qualities.

Raw Ginger Honey and Lemon Elixir

One of my favorite ways to use ginger honey is with freshly squeezed lemon! Simply use as much lemon to your preference and mix with a tablespoon of GH. It is good for an immune support booster as well as a daily weight loss support.

Candied Ginger

Finally, when you've used up all of your luxurious liquid gold (2 to 4 days), bake the leftover ginger for a cough drop or sore throat soother. Or use when experiencing nausea.

Sliced, Honeyed Ginger
Parchment Paper
Cookie Sheet

Pre-heat the oven at the lowest temp. -  170 degrees. Place the sliced ginger on the parchment paper, on the cookie sheet bake and bake until tan or brown.

Ginger will harden when it cools. Store in a cool, dark cupboard.

How do you use ginger and honey?

1 -
2 -
3 -

This article is presented in an informational format and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Any information presented here should thoroughly be researched by the reader and should not be used to treat, cure or diagnose any dieseases. Please see your medical advisor prior to making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Play on Words

Words. They are supremely powerful. They are an artists' palette. Crafted, drafted and composed to paint idea, thoughts, and feelings. They create feelings, moods, belief. Modern science shows they can even evoke physical changes.

Yet words lose their power upon repetition. When something is said repeatedly, it loses meaning.

I hesitate to use words that I feel should retain power. Words like "empowerment", "love", "beauty - have a substance that should be unparalleled. Say the word love enough times and it feels disingenuous. A quick "love you" often becomes robotic.

The same thing is happening to the word Organic. The word organic has been handled and passed around as a keyword-rich, SEO strategy. Laws are passed to define and refine and redefine. Organic, saddens me to say, has all but lost its meaning.

Outside of how its defined by law, what DOES organic mean? Let's become artists once again and take back our palette of colors. Paint a visual of ideas to express the authenticity of organic.


A natural happening.


The beginning.

Organic is you.

Paint for me. How would you retain the power of Organic?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Updated Event - Build a Certified Green Business With Miessence

If you've been considering starting your own organic business you will not want to miss a very UNIQUE opportunity to listen and meet with Alf Orpen, a trailblazer that co-founded the world's 1st certified organic skincare, Miessence.

Alf has extensive experience in Southeast Asia, Japan, UK and US and has overseen the launch of several organic enterprises.

He is traveling all the way from Australia to the Chicagoland area on March 18th and 19th to share his experience on how YOU can start your OWN certified organic business with Miessence.

Miessence is a unique, sustainable, community-centered enterprise aimed at grassroots efforts to empower health, heal the earth and embolden families to build their own sustainable income.

Here are some spotlights as a Miessence Business:

~ World's 1st Certified Organic Skin & Bodycare Products
~ Australia's 1st Carbon Negative Company
~ World's 1st Certified Green Network Marketing Business
~ World's 1st Certifed Organic Probiotic Range
~ Extensive Certified Organic Products
~ Learn more here.

The presentation will take place at the Westin Hotel in Lombard, IL. The event is completely FREE. 

March 18th
Presentation: 2:00 PM
*Dinner: 5:00 PM
Westin Hotel,
Lombard, IL

March 19th
11:30 AM Meet & Greet
*Glen Prairie Restaurant

Space is limited to 20 people! Sign up here to reserve your spot.

*Dine at your expense. Please note: if you want to get started on your own certified green business, please refer to the representative that directed you here. If none, then I'm happy to assist.

The event will be streamed on Facebook Live! Follow or the Facebook page of the representative that directed you here and mark March 18th, 2:00 PM, US CST in your calendar!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

How To Make Elderberry Syrup as a Natural Medicinal Remedy

Elderberry syrup has been a staple in my home in terms of natural remedies to ease cold and flu symptoms. Its effectiveness in shortening the duration of colds and flu is extremely impressive. I have many successful experiences with it. The most successful experience I've had was when my son was lethargic with the flu, I made elderberry tea and gave him 1/2 a cup of it. By the day's end, he was full of energy and playful again.

There are many ways to utilize elderberries as a natural medicine. You can drink it as a tea. Make a tincture of it or make it into a syrup. My preferred way to use elderberry as cold-fighter is a syrup. I have made a tincture of it and didn't it find it quite as effective as the syrup. I'm not sure why. It could be possible that the alcohol breaks down some of the vital components in the berries. My regimen involves utilizing elderberry syrup when a cold and flu is in full force and not necessarily as a way to prevent cold symptoms from evolving. Echinacea, I've discovered, works best as a preventative measure. (Taken at the first hint of symptoms) Elderberry syrup works wonderfully if used consistently throughout a 24/48 hour period.

Related post: Build Your Natural Medicine Cabine With Herbal Tinctures


Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra) is an immune booster, rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. It is anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial. Sambucus Nigra has been shown to be effective against several strains of the flu. (1) Elderberry stimulates the production of immune cytokines. Cytokines are messengers in the immune system that help regulate the immune response.


I've never purchased elderberry syrup. The only store-bought elderberry syrup I experienced, was given to me. The elderberry syrup brand I was given was 8-ounces and required a teaspoon every hour during colds/flu or twice daily for immune support. Eight ounces of elderberry syrup would last half a day in my home if that, so purchasing elderberry syrup isn't conducive to my budget. It makes more sense to make a batch of 32 ounces (or more) for LESS than the price of an 8 ounce, store-bought syrup. The ingredients to make elderberry syrup are ridiculously simple.

Honey.....Water.... and Elderberries!

The essential factor that motivates me to make most of my remedies/meals from scratch is quality control. Especially when you're trying to recover from being sick, keeping the ingredient list whole and clean is vital.

What you will need...

1/4 cup of dried elderberries
6 cups of water
2 cups of Honey (more or less to taste)
A pot
Bowl (glass or mixing bowl of some sort)
Potato masher or a sturdy fork
Jar, preferably glass with a tight-fitting lid

Add the berries to the water and bring to a good boil. Let the berries simmer for half an hour uncovered. Using a fork or a potato masher, mash the berries in the pot. Strain the berries from the liquid into the bowl. Use caution as the liquid will be HOT. Add the honey (more or less to taste). Drain the liquid into a jar and let it cool. Lid it and refrigerate! The consistency will be thin, similar to "simple syrup". If you'd like a thicker syrup, use cane sugar instead. Keep reading for the recipe.

The honey acts as a preservative, so you'll need to have enough in the mixture to keep the syrup's refrigeration life for the next two months or so. I didn't add enough honey in my first batch and it fermented within two weeks!

You can use unrefined, non-GMO cane sugar (not sugar beets) in place of honey. Simply replace the same amount of sugar with honey. I've used both. Both recipes are effective. For a thicker consistency, follow the recipe above and replace the honey with cane sugar. Return the hot mixture back into the pot and allow it to simmer and reduce to half.

Mint is a wonderful respiratory aid when dealing with congestion. Using the same equipment and directions above. Add 1/4 c. of fresh mint leaves to the last ten/fifteen minutes of cooking time. Works wonderfully with honey or cane sugar. You can reduce the syrup for thicker consistency with this recipe as well.

Fulvic acids are a powerful electrochemical transporter of nutrients, chelators of metallic minerals, and they aid in the absorption of minerals and nutrients. Add two teaspoons of Fulvic Acids to your final product would boost the activity of your remedy! Learn more about fulvic acids and check out the infographic.

Keep your elderberry syrup refrigerated! It should keep for at least two months in this condition. Freeze for longer storage periods. You can freeze in ice cubes or mason jars. During colds, give 2 tsp every one to two hours. For immune support 2 tsp. three times a day. Double the amounts for adults.

Where In the World Are The Berries??

I purchase my certified organic elderberries in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs. I've been a happy customer with them for many, many years. I'm not an affiliate with them in any way and am happy to recommend them here.

Have you made elderberry syrup? Share your experience.

TheOliveParent site should not be used to diagnose, cure or treat any diseases. Information is presented on an informative and testimonial basis. The reader is encouraged to research and verify all information presented in this post. 

1 -

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Historic Organic Skincare by the Green Goddess - Get 40% Off!

Narelle Chenery is the woman who created the ORGANIC skin care industry.

She formulated the world's first certified organic skin and body care range and because it was never done, she formulated her skincare products to food-grade standards...there were no cosmetic standards then.

 Miessence was the start of many firsts - the world's first sustainable, certified organic MLM that now boasts a varied range of certified organic products, empowering eco-conscious persons to build their own green biz right from home with products of the highest quality.

Source: "The Real Beauty Queens" ,Australian Women's Weekly - January 2009
Known as the Green Goddess, Narelle started “detoxing” her life at age 20 after having an irregular Pap smear. Pregnant with her first child at 22 and completing a degree in applied science at university, she decided to sell a range of “natural” beauty products to supplement her income.
“When I started researching the range’s ingredients, I was shocked to discover that they weren’t natural at all.” she says.
“Ethically, I couldn’t sell the products any longer, but was inspired to find a truly natural skincare range. Yet, no matter where I searched, I was unable to find one.”
Spurred on, Narelle experimented with ingredients in her kitchen, In 1998, she was ready to launch a range of 25 products known as Intelligence Cosmetics at a natural-living fair on the Gold Coast. Everything was hand-made, down to the labels. By now, Narelle had three children, plenty of energy and big dreams. Yet she didn’t sell a single product. “That day taught me a great lesson in perseverance. I wanted to reach women with my message, so I looked at other ways, without actually being in the front line.”

Not only am I so proud be an independent representative of this earth-loving company, but I'm also honored to know Narelle as a friend.

If you've been wanting to try these literally revolutionary products, try them today for 40% off!

Offer is available for US customers only and applies to orders of 120PV or higher. This offer isn't valid with other offers and ends 2/28/17.

Go to the shop : to use promo code: GIFTUSFEB

Want to learn more about this eco-friendly company? Leave a comment or contact me.

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