Monday, January 19, 2015

Updated! #Holistic Parenting Magazine Review, Giveaway and a Special Announcement!

**The editor of Holistic Parenting Magazine has offered one winner a full year’s subscription! All terms of the the giveaway still apply.**

I’ve had the utmost pleasure to read and review the Holistic Parenting Magazine for the past few months. I devoured the magazines from cover to cover, reading everything…something I just don’t do with conventional magazines.

With “home of authentic family living” as a tagline. Holistic Parenting Magazine is truly the real deal. Too many times, I’ve encountered magazines or sites that claim to promote & support “natural” or “holistic” topics, but have a good mix of conventional living thrown in and don’t get me started about the ads! Advertisements from pharmaceuticals and other products that don’t support authentic living make it difficult for me to take seriously. As a matter of fact, they have a strict advertising policy. They do not “endorse any products that inhibit or interfere with the natural bonding between parent and child, or products that pollute our earth”. In Holistic Parenting you’ll find beautifully, raw wholesome pictures. Pictures that depict birth (as it is) breastfeeding, beautiful round and expectant bellies displayed artistically  and advertisements of businesses I’m actually interested in!

HPM is very new and just put out their 7th issue, but has already interviewed greats such as Ina May Gaskin, America’s leading midwife, author and director of The Farm Midwifery Center. The interview with Suzanne Arms, an international acclaimed author and an acknowledged leader of the international birthing movement, would be one of my favorite articles, in addition to The Vaginal Gulp, a piece about the importance of childbirth and the vaginal microbiome. Interestingly enough, I’m currently piecing together a similar topic to be published soon, here on TOP! The topics are intimately applicable to the holistic family lifestyle and has covered…

  • Freebirthing (unassisted childbirth)
  • Circumcision
  • Cloth diapering
  • Large families
  • Breech Birth
  • Birth Trauma
  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe morning sickness)

Another thing I love about the magazine is that it doesn’t smell! One of my biggest issues with conventional magazines is that it reeks of chemicals and ink (I’m very sensitive to those smells) and rubs off on your hands & clothing. HPM is printed on sustainable sourced paper using environmentally responsible printing presses, which I assume uses earth and human friendly ink, since I do not smell the ink at all, not even on my brand new issue.

I’m excited to share with my readers that I am a contributor to this special magazine! My article on water birthing will be published in issue #8 (March/April) and I’ll compose another article to be published later on in the year. HPM is the only subscription-based magazine in print and digital. It comes out bi-monthly at $6.99 per issue. HPM can also be purchased at select bookstores.

Today I’m giving away my extra copy of the current issue!

The winner will also receive a free sample of Miessence’s certified organic, food-grade, Skin Essential pack featured on my shop, TheOliveParent Organics.

Entry is simple, leave a comment telling me how you live a holistic lifestyle. You must be 18 years of age and a resident of the USA to enter. Please read the Giveaway Terms and Conditions here. This giveaway is sponsored by TheOliveParent, all opinions and experiences listed here are mine. Giveaway closes 2/10/15 11:00 PM CST

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Have a Healthy, Happy Thanksgiving by Avoiding Additives in Your Food.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!
Pic Credit: LakeArrowHeadResort

I enjoy cooking for my family and working in the kitchen with my daughters and sons. Every year I try to make things from scratch in order to control what actually goes in my food.

This year we're having antibiotic-free, grass-fed (non-gmo grain) free-range turkey. I've chosen ingredients that are either unprocessed, certified organic and/or non-gmo free. Such as coconut flour, coconut sugar, millet flour, pink salt, coconut oil, unrefined (sustainable) red palm oil and more to replace processed ingredients and create more wholesome meals. Not everything is certified organic, BUT there are no packaged or processed foods in this meal, which is my ultimate goal.

Industrial Chemicals in Umbilical Cord Blood
Pregnant moms (and breastfeeding moms) are truly susceptible and vulnerable to processed meals. I beg of you to avoid these types of quick and easy meals for the sake of your little ones, or take the time to read the labels and learn about at least ONE of the ingredients on the label.

The EWG conducted an umbilical cord blood study and the findings are nothing short of disturbing. It was largely believed that the placenta shielded the cord blood and developing baby from environmental pollutants. Unfortunately, the study spearheaded by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) dispelled that belief.

Approximately 287 industrial chemicals were found in 10 babies. Eight perfluorochemicals detected - used as stain and oil repellents in fast food packaging, clothing, textiles and Teflon, brominated flame retardants and various pesticides. The scary part for me, personally speaking, is the 100% contamination rate in this study.

Additives in Food, Surprising Facts You May Not Know
The EWG recently released the Dirty Dozen Guide to Food Additives. Dr. Mercola sums up some pretty interesting information based on this guide.

  • Many additives have been linked to health concerns. Some have even received GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status.
  • Bromide, an endocrine disruptor is commonly found in breads such as hot dog and hamburger buns.
  • Foods may be contaminated via packaging, as shown by the EWG cord blood study. (perfluorochemicals)
  • BHA is banned for use in infant foods in the UK and banned for use in all foods in some parts of EU. The FDA considers BHA a GRAS additive. 
  • "Natural Flavors" are created in labs and can be contaminated with chemicals.

My Thanksgiving Tips

  • Try to make your Thanksgiving meal composed of mainly wholesome foods, made from scratch, by avoiding boxed foods such as instant potatoes & stuffing. 
  • Use quality ingredients - Unrefined, grass-fed, Certified Organic (not organic claims), Non-GMO, raw, low-heat, cold processed, minimally processed are key words, BUT you'll need to know what they mean in the sense of processing and of course-label reading and comprehension is key. My label-reading series can be found here. Unfortunately, many companies use these terms deceptively.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Non-Toxic Gift Guide #Spa Her

As the savvy consumer become more and more aware of what's in our food and products, gift giving and receiving can be a dilemma! Here are some suggestions from TheOliveParent Organics shop for dilemma free and thoughtful gifts. It it truly vital to consider toxic-free skin care! What is put on our skin can be readily absorbed directly into the bloodstream without filtering. Our skin is a living organ! Read: What You Thought You Knew About The Cosmetic Industry... 

For more **details about products, shipping and discounts, please visit the Non-Toxic Holiday Gift Guide home page.

Gift suggestion... make a Spa gift certificate for that special lady (person) in your life, for a free foot and back rub along with the following organic items....

Inland salt blended with organic coconut oil, orange essential oil, lime, cinnamon, clove, rosemary and jojoba, is sure to create that at home spa environment. Your loved one can use this in the shower or bath
**Retail Price: $45.05

This seasonal, holiday-themed massage oil blends sunflower seed oil, jojoba and avocado fruit oils with clove, lime, cinnamon, sweet orange and rosemary for a rejuvenating, relaxation massage.
**Retail Price: $26.60

While she (or he) is enjoying her foot rub, a mineral mask a favored spa ritual! Sun-dried Kaolinite Clay (white clay) with hops, nettle, horsetail and more make for a gentle, but effective mask. The Rejuvenating Mineral Mask works in conjunction with the Rejuvenating skin type (dry/mature).
**Retail Price: $28.65

For your free product consultation please use the contact form on the sidebar. Gift certificates are available to purchase at the shop.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Remembering Our Veterans This Holiday Season

November 11th is Veteran's Day!

If you're a fan of Nordic Naturals' high quality fish oils, you can support our heros by purchasing one of the following:

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Until December 31st, your purchase will support monthly donations of Nordic Naturals omega oils to veterans and their service dogs via the program, Paws for Veterans.

Learn more by visiting and watching this heart warming video.

Disclosure: This promotional article is sponsored by Nordic Naturals. TheOliveParent received compensation in the form of products for this promotion.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Keeping #Ebola Concerns in Perspective - Dr. Elaine Addresses Your Questions

It is difficult not to be confused about Ebola. Moms and dads, primary caregivers of their families' health have rightful concerns about this viral infection. As a mom of seven children, I too want to ensure my family is safe and well. Unfortunately, information regarding Ebola has been conflicting, confusing, overwhelming and exploited as a marketing tactic.

I am blessed to have a friend in Dr. Elaine Ferguson, the author of Superhealing. She was able to expound to me personally and on her blog just exactly how the Ebola virus works. Not only that, she highlights very common sense information.

*Much of what is being reported is media-based fear and will pass. To keep things in perspective, Dr. Elaine invites us to recall our own history of pandemic reporting,

  • SARS
  • Bird Flu
  • Y2K
  • H1N1
  • MERS
  • Anthrax
*The five Americans that contracted the virus in Africa were successfully treated, as noted by President Obama.

*Ebola is NOT an airborne virus, despite conflicting reports. She points out that viruses do not change their vector of transmission (mode of transmission). For example, HIV has always been 
transmitted via blood or bodily fluids.

*We need to consider the general malnourished state of African countries.

If you're concerned, worried or even fearful of contracting the virus, I highly encourage you to read Dr. Elaine's articles found below. 

As parents and stewards of our family's health, we should focus on what we should always be doing...protecting and developing our immune & gut systems with nutrient-rich diets, exercise and fresh air. With 80% of packaged American foods banned in many other countries due to its chemical content, the chances ofAmericans developing a chronic disease is possibly higher, than the chance of catching Ebola.