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Why Olives? Olives have been a longstanding symbol for peace. In the old world, olives and their parts, have been used in numerous ways to boost, maintain and recover health, and because of their amazing health properties, they were also a means of wealth. The olive tree itself is known for it's endurance and strength.

Taking cues from the four tenets of this wonderous fruit, our mission and vision is to support transitions into a wholesome, connected lifestyle with empowering transformational information, applicable consultations and high-end holistic products.

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Holistic Fasting

We have a natural, superior and innate cleansing system that is triggered by food temperance (fasting). Fasting is centuries old and is practiced universally. As a tool for health, food temperance stimulates autophagy, the body’s “house cleaning” system. Try our nutritionally-supported, 3-day Miessence FAST program, an easier alternative to water fasting.

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Miessence Vitality Program

The Miessence Vitality Program is a monthly system that delivers FRESH, RAW, WHOLE and ORGANIC foods to support three typical trouble areas: Gut microflora, Cellular rejuvenation and Alkaline system. Three teaspoons a day provides you with 13 probiotic strains, 37 superfoods and 3 blue-green algae. Plus - Free shipping, 30% discount and rewards! Place to your order today, scroll down to“Shop”. Contact me for questions or click the button learn more about MVP!

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Holistic Product Consultations

As the demand for organic, clean and non-toxic products grow, so does the hunt for transparent purchases! I can help you navigate ambiguous terminology, hidden ingredients, and certifications! Services are free to current customers! Contact me if you need label-analyzing support for any non-Miessence products.

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Holistic Sales Consultations

Certified organic, high-quality and non-toxic products are available for wholesale and bulk purchases for online and offline retailers, special events and customers! Events such as fundraising, weddings, parties, business gifts, and care packages! Click to learn or contact me for information.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Infographic: Holistic Fasting for a Superior Cleanse

Last week I wrote an article on holistic fasting for a superior cleanse. It summarizes the power of fasting for detoxing and biogenesis benefits. Here's an infographic summarizing the fine points of the article. I highly recommend you read the piece through if you have some time, but if you are in a rush, check out the infographic for the main points! If you're interested in the nutritionally-supported, plant-based, 3-day fast, visit the shop here. I'm offering 30% off of your order of Miessence FAST for a limited time only! Contact me for the code!

Holistic Fasting Series:

Holistic Fasting for a Superior Cleanse
Before the Fast: Tips and a Fasting Plan
Fasting vs. Dieting: The Skill of Fasting

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Fasting vs. Dieting: The Skill of Fasting

Fasting is hard. And even harder when you have an emotional connection to food. I suppose this is why those who promote "fasting" advice, books and consults include the consumption of food as a way to ease the blow of fasting.

I've had to correct this seemingly new "theology" of fasting repeatedly. Fasting means no consumption of foods for an extended period of time. Period. It's misleading to indicate otherwise. The abstinence of food has been utilized for centuries - for spiritual and health purposes - it hasn't changed until now...the age of consumerism.

Any advice, messages, memes or books that encourage the eating of food and calling it a fast are not doing you service. The truth is fasting addresses the spiritual component of your relationship with food more than it does the physical. And that is really hard!

It's hard if you're not mental or spiritually ready to face the realities of your subconscious. When you assess the real nature of your relationship with food, you'll need to utilize something that everyone seems to be afraid of...accountability.

What you've been eating, knowingly, or unknowingly, good or bad can be a painful or affirming! I've always believed that accountability is a lost art. I state this fully aware of my own failings and wins, but the beautiful thing about accountability is the power it gives you. When you own your failings and wins, you are empowering yourself to lead the life you were meant to live. There is nothing more fulfilling than that!

If you want to fast, then do that! It is a blessing. If you want to diet, do that! The road to health needs to start somewhere! But for the love of all that's holy, please don't call a diet (consumption of food) a fast, it's an oxymoron at best.

Fasting induces autophagy, the body's innate cleansing system which works when the digestive system is not digesting. Nutrient deprivation creates cellular stress initiating the process. If fasting for a few days seems daunting, here are a few tips you can consider before you fast. Try intermittent fasting. You can skip a meal or two and go a few hours without eating to prep for a full fast of a few days. You can also support your fasting period with low calorie, nutritionally-supported drinks to ease the hunger pangs. This way your digestive system still gets to rest (no digesting whole foods with fiber content) and the transition to fasting is a lot smoother than a water fast.

There are really no shortcuts to the true benefits of fasting, but take it from me, it is truly worthwhile. And like with any developing skill, it gets easier with time. Make no mistake, fasting is undoubtedly a skill for life.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Before the Fast - Tips and a Fasting Plan

So you’ve decided to implement a three- day, nutritionally-supported fast as a health tool. How do you begin? The day I made the decision to fast, I nervous about “failing”. I didn’t want to be overcome with uncontrollable hunger, binge and feel horrible about it later! As the cook in my family, the temptation was worrisome, so I decided to plan my fast to minimize temptations and maximize success!

Mental Preparation: Meditation and visualization

The real battle of fasting is in your mind. It was helpful to me to pick a day and time the fasting would begin and end, sort of like setting an appointment with myself. I’d imagine how I would deal with temptation. How I would react when facing temptation. I even found myself preparing my reasons - a script if you will - for those who may not be supportive of my decision to fast.
I spent some time visualizing the experience, how I thought it would be.

Food Plan

If you’re the cook in the family, shop, plan, and cook meals in advance of your fasting date. It's a bit of work, but I promise you will be grateful you did it when you’re fasting! This gives you a real break, allowing you to focus on supporting your body’s work in cleansing. You can also assign cooking duties, or just keep things simple. Sandwiches, salads or even a healthy bowl of cereal at dinnertime for the kids, works just fine. Food is food as long as is it real, healthy, whole and filling!

Fasting Plan

Talk to your family about your appointment to fast. Let them know that you’ll be taking a break from food and explain to them why. It’s can be a teaching moment! When I explained to my children why I was fasting, they were intrigued by the body’s innate cleansing system! They wanted to try it too! Naturally, they didn’t last a more than a few hours. :)  Make sure you’ve ordered and received your FAST tub in time if you’re international (Miessence FAST shakes are shipped from Australia). Order your FAST a week before your intended start date.

Brew a pot of tea to have on hand when you fast. Prepare for the possibility of detox symptoms. Have a few water-dense fruits & veggies stocked in case you experience severe detox symptoms. Hunger is NOT a detox symptom. 😉

Think about how you'd like to break your fast. You can decide to meditate or pray before you do. Journaling your thoughts and emotions are good too. If you’re fasting for weight loss, write down your total weight loss down before you eat. You should decide what foods you plan to break your fast with. Ideally, it should be very light. Soups, salads and water-dense fruits & veggies are options. Avoid heavy meals and bingeing. Eat slowly, chew thoroughly and eat thoughtfully. If you decide to have a soup or salad - I highly advise that you prep and store this before the fast. This way, when you’re ready to break you fast. Simply heat, if applicable, and eat.

I started my first three-day fast on my own. My second fast was done with my sisters. I loved fasting with someone! We kept in touch, daily with our experiences and shared our thoughts. It was really supportive, encouraging and uplifting. Share this article with someone in your circle that might be interested and plan a fasting appointment together. Miessence has a fasting support group with a coach if you don’t have anyone in your immediate family to do a fast with you.


Plan to begin your fast after the last meal the day before. For example, You may plan to have your fast begin on Tuesday, but technically, the last meal would be Monday evening. Your fast would technically end Thursday evening, but Friday morning would be when you actually break your fast. However, my motto is always to do what works for you. If you want to break your fast the evening before the fourth day, you are your own boss!

Plan to fast on days where there isn’t much to do. Don’t plan a fasting period when you’ve been invited to a wedding or a party! Low-key days are best for the first fast. After you’ve done this a few times, you should be able to handle regular days.

Headaches during fasts are usually a result of the lack of salt intake. If you experience a headache, try a pinch of pink salt in your FAST shake.

Fasting Resources

Me! Contact me for a consultation and questions - I’m always happy to help!
My Healthy 3 Day Fast - Support Group on Facebook

Green Resources

37 Raw Organic Foods
Freeze drying fruits & vegetables suspends their synergistic, nutritive state until liquids are re-introduces and concentrates your consumption of superfoods! 1 teaspoon gives you more than the daily recommended amount of fruits and veggies. Our superfoods are always cold processed to respect the bioavailability of food!
13 Probiotics
Using the dynamic power of families, our probiotic products carry 13 strains, each certified organic - the entire Lactobacillus family - for the best holistic effect for your digestive system. Our culturing mediums are plants, not fecal matter and our strains are "fed" raw, certified organic foods, giving you instantly available nutrients in addition to bacterial support.
3 Blue-Green Algae
Three chlorophyll-rich, blue green algaes provide gentle detox capabilities. Spirulina, Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae powder and Chlorella are raw, certified organic, nutrient-dense algaes that gives DeepGreen Alakalizing and InLiven Probiotic superfoods it's star power. Visit our shop for the full ingredient list for all our products.


3 Day Fasting Support
Vitality Pack
Miessence Protein
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