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Holistic Fasting for a Superior Cleanse

It's been a long week and soaking in a warm bath with luxurious herbs is the very essence of rejuvenation. Not only physically, but mentally. Many will agree, baths are more about a mental and emotional cleanse than a physical cleaning. There’s no doubt that a self-indulgent bath does a mind good. Herein lies the tie of the physical to the emotional. The connection between the physical and mental (intangible) relationship is undeniable and the science consistently shows this.

⬥Optimists are healthier than pessimists
⬥Optimism can prevent chronic diseases
⬥Hostility is a risk factor for heart disease
⬥Loneliness is attributable to several diseases(2)

Mental and Emotional Health Issues on the Rise We live in unprecedented times of great advancement. Technology has never been more superior and continues to grow and astound us in new ways. We live in an age where convenience is just a click away. Access to food has never been simpler. Those of us with enough funds in a bank account c…

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My Favorite Essential Oil Brand

My Favorite Essential Oil Brand
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Reduce Plastic, Save 60% on Yearly Laundry Costs
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