Is an Occasional Glass of Wine or Two okay during Pregnancy?

Serene Picture of a Glass of Red Wine and Salad in an Italian setting
I came across an interesting article by Reuters regarding an occasional drink during pregnancy might be okay. Here's a quote from this article:

"A number of studies have linked heavy drinking on a regular basis during pregnancy to stunted growth, birth defects and brain development problems.

Less clear is the effect of occasional binge drinking, which amounted to about 5 drinks in one session in the studies Gray and his team reviewed

Click here to read the whole article by Reuters, "A few drinks during pregnancy might be OK" the article is dated November 14th, 2007.

Personally, I think common sense dictates that a drink or two, once in a long while, will not cause birth defects in a normal, healthy pregnancy. I severely emphasize common sense, and personal responsibility. I am not advocating one side or another, only that the gestating woman seek all facts and weigh them in accordance with the personal knowledge and understanding of how her own body functions.

In any event, here's food for thought :)


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