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Tips to Avoid a Cesarean

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If you're a gestating momma who prefers a hospital birth, here are some tips I came across on how to avoid a cesarean section. The article I got these tips from is 5 Ways to Avoid a Cesarean, by Robin Elise Weiss. Click on the link to read the whole article.

1. Select your care provider wisely

2. Get educated about birth and labor.

Something I very strongly promote to all gestating mommas, we have the responsibility to our unborn child to protect it. We have to also understand that only WE, as mothers have the child in our best interest. Not doctors, nurses or hospital facilities who are dictated by policies, lawsuits and...dare I say it? MONEY!

3. Avoid Induction of Labor.

I have personal experience with this! Avoid this at all costs, do not be fooled by the common use of induction, the risk of birth injuries as well as the possibility for a cesarean goes way up! See my post Confessions of a Habitual Homebirther - My Hospital Experience with Pitocin it has additional information on Pitocin (induction). Also see USA's ranking in infant mortality on my sidebar.

4. Use Medications and Interventions Wisely
Pain reducing drugs should be carefully weighed and researched before labor/birth. There are documented risks to pain reducers such as epidurals. Forceps, tongs to remove a "stuck" baby, should be researched and alternative methods should be considered, such as changing the position you're in while laboring.

5. Bring Support for Labor
If you're hoping to labor drug free, and to move freely as you wish in a hospital, you're most certainly going to need an advocate! A laboring woman is very vulnerable and is susceptible to manipulation, by those who do not necessarily have the mother's best interests in mind.

Author's Note:

These 5 tips were taken from the article mentioned in the beginning, but the additional sentiments are my own. Happy gestating and birthing to you!

*This Post has been updated. Originally posted 8/2/08*


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