The Power of Parenting - Rebuilding Our System

I apologize for the lack of posting in the past few weeks, my other blog, In Spirit and In Truth has been taking a lot my time in research and writing.

As a parent, I have always been "hands on" when it comes to raising my children, be it their education, or their health. I am confident in my parenting skills and I know the "quirks" and "nicks" of each child. I know what they need (most of the time an attitude adjustment:)) and I know what they don't need. It's because of this confidence, I have found myself at odds with educational administrators, doctors and any legislature imposing specific mandatory care upon my children.

What I've come to understand is that a system has been created to replace the lack of confidence many parents have in raising their children. Over the past few decades, the rights of parents are slowly, but surely stripped away one at a time. It is not because legislators are out to raise our children for us, but because as a society of parents, we have willingly given over our rights and responsibility to raise our children the way the need to be raised.

Is it any surprise that home schooling is considered unacceptable in some states?

It is any surprise that midwives and home births are unacceptable in some states?

It is any surprised that the list of mandatory vaccines and inoculations grow year by year?

The only way to reclaim our right to raise our children the way we know they need to be raise, is to take back the power that has been freely given, and change the attitudes that many officials and legislators have towards parents. We need to demonstrate accountability and confidence in our ability to love and raise our children. Here are my own personal tips to dealing with such people.

Tips for the confident parent:

1. Make it clear that YOU are ultimately in charge of the well-being of your child.

2. Make it clear that YOUR history and knowledge of your child supercedes any educational knowledge they may have.

3. Know your legal rights as parents and quote them when necessary.

4. You are NOT a partner in your child's education/healthcare with doctors and educational administrators, they are there to serve YOU and your children. Without us, they would have no jobs.

5. Be accountable to yourself and your children. Research any medications, law or materials offered to you. Generally when anything is "mandatory" it is exclusive to a specific group of people. In other words, it is generally not inclusive (including ALL people). Bottom line...when an offical tells you that something is "mandatory" don't take their word for it! Do your research or if you can afford it get legal advice.

6. My most important tip would be this last one... KNOW your child. Understand how they work, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Usually solutions are can be found right at the heart of a creative, problem-solving parent.


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