Abuse at the Doctor’s Office?

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland - A Delaware pediatrician is accused of molesting at least 16 patients, including some who appear to be no more than 6 months old, and police said the doctor used video cameras to record some of the brutal attacks in exam rooms.

Dr. Earl B. Bradley, 56, was being held on $2.9 million bond Tuesday, said Sgt. Walter Newton, a Delaware State Police spokesman. Police believe there could be more victims. MSNBC.com

I am just appalled and disgusted with  this story. I almost didn’t write this post because I didn’t want this kind of filth on this blog, but truly this story is a prime example of just how much power doctors’ “expertise” has over the civilian society, and how much blind trust we give to them.

In any event, I truly am baffled by one thing. Why are children as young as six months left alone with the doctor? For me, a typical doctor visit consists of me or my husband being in the room while the doctor does his check up. If they need to undress, we help them with that while the doctor is out and wait until he/she returns for the check up and stay the entire time. Isn’t that how it’s typically done?

If any one can enlighten me to another perspective, please leave a comment.



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