Drinking Twigs and Stems

 Drinking twigs and stems have never tasted to so good! I was given a box of Choice organic Twig tea a few months ago. I love me a good cup of organic Green tea, so having a cup of Twig tea wasn’t so appealing to me. Until yesterday, I hadn’t tried it. To my pleasant surprised it was such a mellow, woodsy, soothing flavor. With no after-taste what so ever. If there is anything I hate about teas, it’s the aftertaste. Especially so, when pregnant.
Twig Tea is a Japanese blend that is made up from stalks, stems and twigs that have been discarded from parts of the tea plant. It also helps with indigestion and aids the digestive system. It’s also naturally low in caffeine. As I say to my children, it’s yum lish!
Now it has been said here and there that pregnant/lactating women should not take herbs. For me, my priority is to find out if a herb can impact or manipulate hormones, if that is the case then I don’t take it. This is my “common sense” rule of thumb that you can take at your own risk. There’s so much conflicting information on what herbs lactating, pregnant women can or cannot take. Generally, doctors are inclined towards drugs and prescriptions, so you really cannot rely upon an OBGYN to be objective. He or she may be “paid” to promote certain drugs or vitamins, by a pharmaceutical company. A doctor of Naturopathy, herbalists or a midwife with appropriate credentials can be a good source of information.

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