Say What Now?

I will fully admit that I can be annoying by asking so many questions. Its just that I'm a practical, logical person and I like practical, logical answers. Especially so when it concerns my health. But I completely understand how bothersome, and maybe offensive even, my desire for clarity can be. I can remember the time my midwife attempted to give me a herbal tincture while I was laboring, and in the midst of intense pain, I pulled back and asked her what it was she was giving me and what was it's purpose. She seemed really annoyed with me!

Allow me to apologize in advance if I seem totally suspicious, but the medical reason why Michelle Duggar's 19th child was delivered by cesarean, three months premature seemed vague and indirect.

"The obstetrical and neonatal teams reached the collaborative decision [Thursday] that Mrs. Duggar needed an emergency C-section to ensure the blood pressure problem would not be detrimental to her or the baby," says Wendel.
Now, from what I understand about preeclampsia is that it can be managed when diagnosed, and depending on the level of severity there are several courses of treatments that are administered for specific situations. From what I understand, a cesarean/inducing labor is usually the last resort when treatments are unsuccessful at managing the high blood pressure. It just seems to me that the last resort was their first course of action. I was expecting an medical reason along the lines of " the baby's heart rate was dropping due to the condition of preeclampsia therefore cesarean was necessary to ensure the baby's safety". But instead these doctors "collaborated" which gives me the sense that there was no immediate danger involved with the baby in the womb.

Sounding more like a measure of prevention, rather than an actual emergency, the reason resonates like the typical hospital policy for putting an IV in your arm in "case you need to have surgery". I was surprised at the explanation given in delivering a fetus a whole trimester early. It didn't make sense. If the baby's immediate status was healthy, I would think the process would be to keep the baby in the womb as long as possible and monitor her condition. Which, by the way had nothing to do with her primary reason of why she was admitted in the first place. She was originally admitted for gallstones.

Sounds kind of funky to me...makes me wonder if the hospital saw potential publicity in delivering Michelle Duggar's 19th child.

Quite honestly, Its a sad and scary thing to have your child weigh in at 1lb. and 6oz. And I think with the all fame surrounding this family, that fact is being tremendously downplayed. All in all, I truly hope the baby is well and thriving as well as mom. Congratulations to the Duggars and prayers for healthy and quick recovery.


  1. Normally, I publish my posts with "Windows Live Writer", but I published this post via Blogger. The fonts and type went nuts on me, I suddenly remembered why I downloaded Windows Live Writer, in any event, I'd like to apologize for any funky wayward fonts in this post. Stay healthy!



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