Unassisted Home Births on the Rise

As a fellow Unassisted Homebirther I truly believe in the power of
options to women to birth as they please. I also believe in the
accountability to understand the general workings of a laboring woman
and the specific way of how YOU personally labor. I believe in being
prepared spiritually, mentally and physically to birth at home, either
by yourself or with a midwife.

In saying this, unassisted home births can be extremely dangerous if a
woman is completely fearful and intimated by the process. If you are a
healthy, confident and prepared woman, there shouldn't be a serious
issue in birthing at home either by yourself or with a midwife.

Doctors cite a list of risks that can cause a healthy birth to go
haywire. However, I believe their judgments are based upon their
training to interfere with the birth process with induction, drugs,
medical procedures and equipment.

These interferences are typically ruled out as a risks themselves. In
reality they are the cause for "things that naturally go wrong". When an
induction (oxytocin) in a slow-progressing labor (when the baby's heart
rate is normal), is the sole reason for a drop in heart rate resulting
in an emergency cesarean, the whole process is chalked up by the doctor
as "one of those things that can go wrong". Making women feel inadequate
to birth successfully, by implications that there is something "wrong"
with their bodies.

With my second child I was induced to speed up my labor. My baby's heart
rate was normal. The doctor's reasoning for inducing me was because I
had gone over the time frame, in other words, my labor was not compliant
with the hospital's policy. Fortunately, we escaped unscathed without a
cesarean, but it was much later I discovered the very real risks of an
induced labor.

There is simply not enough disclosure of risks of procedures and drugs
given to a laboring woman. Laboring women assume all procedures done are
safe and doctors are allowed to get away with not explaining the risks
in a situation when all is normal.

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