Is a Lotus Birth For You?

I've been reading up on Lotus Births and I am seriously considering it for my next child.Lotus Birth is the practice of not separating a newborn from the placenta, but letting it fall off on its own. This process can take
anywhere from 3 to 11 days. The placenta is washed, sometimes salted with sea salt (to aid in the drying process), covered in herbs such as dried rosemary, goldenseal to mask the scent and wrapped.

It is kept in a bowl at the same level as baby and goes where ever baby goes. I'm considering this method because I can truly see the nutritional benefits to it. The placenta at this stage can still process toxins from the baby's liver and provide all the nutrients that it has. The baby can also have a bath something I'm really liking.

Keeping a cut umbilical cord dry was always a worry for me. As far as it is known there are no real risks in a Lotus Birth. There is no risk of infection. The chances of jaundice is significantly decreased because the toxins
are being processed by the placenta for the baby. In Lotus Births, babies do not experience weight loss! I found that tidbit of information fascinating.On the reverse side, how does a short umbilical cord work in that
scenario? I haven't read or heard a situation in this regards. I had a short umbilical cord with one of my sons. It was quite difficult to hold him while I was in the tub (waterbirth).
Typically, I do not deliver my placenta until hours later. In all, except my last birth, the placenta
was forcibly removed. My most recent birth I decided NO ONE was gonna
force it out. So I took a Angelica Raspberry Tincture and had a nice long nap, about 5 hours later, it came out beautifully and intact. If I had a short cord I'm not sure how that would work if the placenta
doesn't deliver until hours later.

Another concern is the inconvenience. With 6 children, I am on my feet in 2 or 3 days. I know, I know, I need to be resting, relaxing and enjoying the new baby, which believe you, me I fully intend do. Its the only
thing I look forward to during pregnancy, the babymoon phase which is a serene, spiritual time for all of us. If I am physically capable of getting around the home, I will do it, but not to the point of over taxing myself. My older children are involved in the care of baby when I am in this mode. Holding the baby for the most part anyways. I think I would be a bit nervous if the baby was still with its placenta and the older children were holding him/her.

However, I do think the benefits far out weigh my concerns. If anything, I would most certainly like to keep the baby with its placenta longer than the cessation of a pulsing cord. Maybe a few hours or overnight?
What about you? Does it sound like something you could do? If you have a personal experience, please do share!
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