Happy Momma's Day!

"Momma" is what my babies call me. It blesses my heart to see their
eagerness in wishing me a happy momma's day!

Friday morning (yesterday) I woke up to mother's day greetings from my
8, 7 and 5 year-olds. After I thanked them with hugs and kisses, I asked
if they knew mother's day was on Sunday. Yes, they knew, they said, but
wanted to wish me a happy momma's day anyway. All throughout the day, my
5 year old son, continued to wish me a good day! Too cute!

Tomorrow my wonderful, sexy husband will barbecue for his mother and I.
He sure knows what to do with a grill, Yum! I am so looking forward to
With this pregnancy, I have been loving on the meat and protein! Its all
I eat when DH barbecues. :)

Enjoy your day...more importantly, your children. No one can give them
the mother's love like you can!


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