Size ‘Em Up!

I have a serious nursing bra dilemma. I’m working off of the last child’s nursing bra, yes, that bad! This happens with every child. I don’t go searching until a few months later…when I come up for air. Planning a home birth requires a lot detail, time and attention. Throw into the mix the care of other children, the very necessary purchase of a nursing bra or two gets pushed to the bottom of the “to-do” list. Now… I’m so tired of the Wal-Mart/Target type nursing bra! Which are typically purchased out of desperation…by my sister! Now you know my sad, little secret!

I’m in the market for a NEW nursing bra, a non-Wal-Mart/Target, made just for nursing moms kind of bra! The first order of business, sizing up the ladies! There are a few suggestions out there on how to get as close to your size as possible. I suggest going to two or three websites, if the results are typical, that’s the size I would go with. I’m liking and for sizing instructions. has a bra size calculator which is too cool! Both results from both sites were the same. So, I have my size!

Wire bras are a absolute must for me! I’ve been hearing that wire bras are a no-no and should not be worn due to Mastitis, inflammation of breast. As a breastfeeding momma of  many years, I have to disagree. The cause of Mastitis is an engorged breast due to plugged ducts and/or an infection.

That can happen when baby suddenly is nursing less and the milk supply builds up over a period of time. It can also happen when your bra is too tight. Having the correct bra size is so important. I have worn wire bras for many years with NO problems of Mastitis. It was when that particular bra, wire or not, became too small, that  it became a problem.  As I stated earlier wire bras are a absolute must for me, as my cups overfloweth. :)

So shopping I go!


  1. I had mastitis when nursing ny second child and that was caused by my bra being too tight.It is a very unpleasant condition so make sure your nursing bra fits.

  2. Yes, size DOES matter! :)

    Although more by accident than design on my part, I would suggest to new BFing moms to buy a cheap bra for the first few weeks and then buy a more durable one once your breast settle in a more stable size.


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