Bachmann, The Village Idiot

If the old African proverb is true, “it takes a village to raise a child”, then every person in that village has it’s own important role to play. It is safe to say that Michele Bachmann is our village idiot. In response to Mrs. Obama’s apparently offensive motives to promote more “baby friendly” hospitals. Michele Bachmann is saying that breastfeeding women should not get tax breaks. Our personal village idiot, fails to recognize a simple fact:

Mrs. Obama may support tax breaks for lactation supplies, but the IRS has already passed it…isn’t her issue with the IRS? What does promoting and encouraging baby-friendly hospitals, which we ARE in need of,  have to do with the “tax code”.

Bachmann states:
"I strongly believe in breastfeeding," Bachmann said on Thursday's "Good Morning America," but argued the "tax code is used by government as social engineering."
I do not have the slightest interest in blogging politics, but a spade is a spade, in whatever realm it appears. And it appears to me that Michele Bachmann, wandered into the wrong boxing ring with the wrong opponent.

In the end, this former breastfeeding mom of five, only took down herself, along with a few breastfeeding moms along the way.


Update: I caught this article on my way out…

As reported by the Minnesota Independent, Fox News contributor Sandy Rios takes issue with how the tax deduction specifically targets the black community:
"You have to remember that 75 percent of American women already breast feed," said Rios. "We are talking about a problem that is specifically in the black community and so for you to change federal law and IRS regulations and start forcing businesses to make accommodations for nursing women to promote it in the black community is the problem that I have with it and I agree with Michele this is the nanny state on steroids." -
If  you are going to be a public representative please take the time to enlighten your college-paid mind. 75 percent of American women START out breastfeeding that number drops significantly after a few weeks/months. Breastfeeding rates amongst blacks are LOW only 45% in comparison to 66/68% of Hispanics/Whites. There IS a problem with breastfeeding rates in the black community, but specifically it is a problem across ALL cultures in America. It is recognized that breastfeeding at the beginning simply is not enough. To experience the full benefits of breastfeeding, exclusive and extensively is the better method.

Breastfeeding Guidelines:
World Health Organization


  1. Wow, she must have missed all the evidence that was presented in relation to this decision by the IRS. The IRS just correctly classified breast pumps as a medical expense because of the vast evidence of the medical benefits of breastmilk AND medical costs of not breastfeeding. Thanks for catching and sharing these uninformed statements.

  2. You're welcome :)

    I did a double-take when I read that statement. I should mention, it took me 5 minutes to verify the stats on breastfeeding rates online. As a politician, she has no excuse.


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