Dancing Sunbeams

We were absolutely slammed with snow a few days ago! Called the Blizzard of 2011, it came complete with howling winds, white-out conditions and …wait for it…THUNDER AND LIGHTING!

Yup, news report were calling this snow storm, thunder snow! Talk about thinking you’ve seen it all! On the tail of that storm comes this unbelievable cold! I’ve only one question…

Is it Spring yet?! 

I couldn’t tell you the last time I headed for warmer climates. Thoughts of tantalizing beaches complete with dancing sunbeams upon the surface of the water is enough to make me weep. I don’t do cold. Winter is my favorite season for being pregnant only because I’m packing heat.

But for now, I have my fantasies of dancing sunbeams. I can fantasize about heading to La Jolla, where my six-year-old son LOVES San Diego, thanks to the movie, Madagascar. Where it is…as of today…a warm and sunny 65 degrees. I hear the housing market is gaining strength there and maybe…just maybe, we can check out those beautiful homes for a permanent move…

*sunbeams fades into blinding white snow…*
Our Patio bench slightly unearthed by the children!


I Use Florihana in My DIYs!