Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s day…a day for love. Sweetly gazing into your lover’s eyes. Gasping oh, so quietly as he hands you that beautiful, black box. You know just what it’s going to be and restrain to tear it open. Velvet-lined, silk encases that platinum diamond ring, you’ve been subtly hinting at the last three months. You open it... slowly, prolonging the joy of what’s to come and meet the rock that is sure to bring you years of happiness, stories to share with your grandchildren and….*snap~fizz*

Commercial break is over and now we return to our regular program…MY life on Valentine’s day.

I’m going to spend today on the go, like I always do. Hungry babies that need to be changed, stop for no one, not even on Valentine’s day. My hubby will get home from work, tired and hungry and I’ll make him something yummy to eat. He loves my Panini, so I’ll put together his favorite ingredients. We’ll talk about his day and mine. He’ll tell me the latest in the saga that goes on at his job, and I’ll tell him whose poop I had to clean off the floor. We’ll kiss each other, meaningfully and tell the other we missed them. Then we’ll pick up the nearest crying child to console and soothe. We won’t go out for Valentine’s, probably won’t exchange cards.

For us, it’s never been about the commercial things in life. It goes without saying we love each other dearly and the family we made together. We have been through a LOT since our divine meeting at thirteen years of age. His love for us, for me, far surpasses any diamond in the world. There is no one in life who I would rather stand next to in the battle of the diapers, and our children’s future than my hubs, Anthony…Love you babe :)


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