My Breastfeeding Super Heroine

On the heels of the comments of Bethenny Frankel’s “Go find a corner” comment in relation to public breastfeeding, I’ve found my self thinking of my own feelings in regards to public nursing. It brought up a long forgotten memory.

As a young, nursing, first-time, mom, I had a neighbor was a very special friend. I babysat her infant son while she worked. She was nursing mom as well. She was a career woman, very put together and gorgeous to boot. I looked up to her, and she seemed to take to me in that big sister/mom kind of way. She was as  bold as she was beautiful. Complete with confidence as solid as stone. I admired her. She would display her confidence in her photo albums. Thumbing through her family photo album, I came across very pregnant, very naked pictures of her and her swollen belly. I froze in awkward embarrassment. Coming out of it when she gave her customary playful pinch on my elbow. With a you-should-see-the-look-on-your-face laugh, she testified of the beauty of the pregnant body and the normalcy of it.

Yes, she was quite bold! And “whipped ‘em” out on occasion to nurse her son when she stopped past for lunch. After a while, I got used to seeing her son suckle against her exposed, dark chocolate skin and joined her in nursing sessions on the living room couch.

Yes, she was quite bold…when her son became hungry while in a checkout lane, there was no hesitation. She lifted up her shirt, pulled down her bra flap and commenced in feeding her babe. When her items were totaled, and the cashier awaiting her payment, she asked a statuesque cashier, very politely, mind you, to hold her check book in place while she filled it out.  With no hint of acknowledgement of the intense stares that surrounded her, her groceries paid for and her son full and content, she walked out…head held high. She was my breastfeeding  super heroine.

There is no question this woman played an important role in my view of public nursing.  We need more breastfeeding super heroines like these. They are extremely rare in commodity and if they do exist, they don’t have the exposure that Bethenny Frankel has.  I was extremely blessed in the friend I had in Roslyn, my breastfeeding super heroine. Every new mom needs to see that kind of unaffected, kiss-my-ass,  confidence she displayed for me and others to see. So instead of focusing on Bethenny Frankel’s careless remarks, I ask you nursing mom bloggers or readers to DO bring to light that one woman who uplifted you during your nursing days. Who became your personal breastfeeding heroine. You can share your story in the comments below.

*No links to Bethenny Frankel’s comment has been linked on this post in an effort to squash the negative effects her comments made on the breastfeeding movement’s call to action.


  1. Unfortunately, I had to remove Disqus as a comment moderator on this blog. Until I figure how the heck I can change the color of the text, I will reinstall it.

    If any of you know... please share... To those who left comments on it I truly apologize!!!

  2. I think you are right. Breast feeding is natural and biological and doing it in public shouldn't be looked down upon.

    I'm sure these super-heroine's won't mind when I expose myself in public at the checkout line if I need to urinate or defecate. It's natural! Or maybe if I decide to have sex during your family outing at the zoo? I mean, it's part of nature, right?

    What I see are insecure and narcissistic women. Women who want to force their agendas down others throats. That's not a hero, that's completely insecure and self-absorbed.

    It takes a stronger will to look at ones life and decide which things are more or less important than to try to make yourself the center of attention. Instead of focusing on everyone else it seems none of you have focused on your own insecurities. Maybe daddy didn't acknowledge you enough as a child? Who knows.

  3. ...and here we go! The first nasty comment of It's Your Journey! Congratulations. :)

    I'll ignore all the other catty and judgmental digs, but I will say this...

    You are absolutely right breast feeding, urinating and having sex are all natural functions of the body.... here's the thing...

    Two of these things are ILLEGAL in public and one is not... any guesses which?

    No one's forcing you to breast feed your child, but you have no right to tell a woman who decides to nurse in public to "find a corner"... literally...

    and...commenting Anonymously... that's just don't have the balls or should I say boobs, to state that as you are...


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