Thursday, February 10, 2011

Playing Dress Up

As moms we are more than willing to give our children the things we need in life to be successful in life, we do it out of passion for them, out of hope and usually at a cost. More oft than not, we put our own dreams and goals that we’ve had as young adults on hold. Though we don’t complain, we remember, and at times yearn. For me, sometimes, I remember my dream of becoming a fashion merchandiser. I had an avid interest in marketing fashion and I definitely loved to wear it.

It was a world, long ago. One, my children would never recognize if they saw a young me passing them by. But indeed I was quite the diva in my day. So when I see designers like Michael Kors, Cole Haan and Stuart Weitzman display their wares, I cannot help but feel a pang with equal parts of sadness and longing, but don’t feel bad for me, I am blessed above and beyond. Ultimately when its all said and done, I have what I really longed for as a young ambitious woman…a loving family….
…but… I SO love FASHION!!!!!!!

I mean, check these coats by Cole Haan!!
This one is called…get this…MACKAGE! One would be doing some serious macking in this coat! The sleeves are a touch of genius. It gives you that ummph that perfects that balance of fashion forward without the craziness of being too cutting edge, a mom like me just loves…and also… the moms at school would be so jealous!!

Of course a coat like this cannot be complete without some badass boots. I’m thinking some Stuart Weitzman boots would boost the level of chic this coat displays…

Sigh…now you know my little secret of playing dress up online.
Playing dress up is not just for children you know!

Yoo Hoo! Michael Kors, If you haven’t designed for nursing moms, you should! It’s easy, just make cute fashionable shirts that are accessible to the boobies! What does that take??? Some scissors, some thread?? I’ll be online playing dress up if you need a consultant.


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