Quick Eat Tip

I stumbled upon a yummy nutrious meal, best of all it's quick!

I bought some soup from Trader Joe's the other day "Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper". It comes precooked in a box. So all you really  need to do is heat it up, by microwave or stove top.

What really made this dish pop was fresh Thyme. I added about three stems worth of leaves. Its low on sodium, so if you need a bit more salt, Himalayan Pink Salt is the way to go! That can be found in their  Spice/baking aisle. Himalayan Pink Salt is the good salt, the kind that actually good for you, yes people, there is a kind like that!

The soup was complete with grilled cheese bread, you can add coconut oil or a bit of butter. Sprinkle some garlic power on it and place it on your George Foreman grill. (Any grill, any method of toasting will do. Use what you have!)

Between grilling the bread, and heating the soup, the whole thing took less than twenty minutes. Grilling the bread took a whole lot longer :).

Get the nutrition facts of this soup. :)


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