Breast Feeding Age Restriction Lifted

If you are a breast feeding mom in Tennessee and have nursed your child, a year or older in public, you may have been charged for indecent exposure. A Bill was introduced that eliminates the age restriction of nursing in public. During the Senate General Welfare Committee meeting, Sen. Mike Faulk-R makes common sense:

“In the first place, why in the world should a mother be charged with indecent exposure for breastfeeding a child and why would that be the concern of the state?” Faulk asked. “And third ... who is going to ID the child?”

I suppose it’s moot to ask why would nursing a one year old or older would be “indecent exposure” and nursing a one month old isn’t. Gotta wonder what they were thinking when this was passed.

In any event, breast feeding moms in Tennessee can now feed their hungry ones in peace knowing they will not be charged for feeding a hungry child.

The Bill was passed on a 7 to 1 vote.

Question…who was the hold out, and what is his/her problem with breast feeding moms?



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