Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oregon Number One Breast Feeding State

Here’s an interesting fact. Oregon has the highest breast feeding rate in the country.  According to the Mail Tribune:
“ Oregon's Women Infants and Children program celebrated the state's status as the No. 1 breast-feeding state in the country. In 2009, Jackson County WIC clients exceeded the statewide mark of 91 percent who start out nursing.” ~ MailTribune Nourishing Trend
Ninety-one percent is VERY impressive. The national average of moms starting out breast feeding is 75 percent. Nearly every mom starts out nursing in Oregon! Without a doubt, Oregon sets the standard on how breast feeding can be encouraged.
Click here to read the article in full.


  1. That is awesome! I was born in Portland OR and my mom breastfed me and my brother for over a year. I know live in WA and am still nursing my 1 year old!

  2. Yay for Oregon! You must be proud :)


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