Picture of Elton John Breast Feeding

I don’t know what to think about the picture featured on PinkNewsDay.co.uk created by an Irish artist Kevin Sharkey. I’m leaning towards being offended. Maybe I’m a bit sensitive in light of recent political drama that surrounded breast feeding as of late. I get the “poke fun” at the fact that Mr. John has recently become a new father…but still, gay or straight, breasts belong to women and the babies who need them.

What do you think???


  1. The day before yesterday, on closed Charitable a dinner to an exhibition sale of pictures of Modern Young artists in Monte Carlo, were it is sold out all pictures.
    The picture “the Father - the son“ for 35000 euros the young Romanian artist of Eugen Calmic / Evgenia the Kalmyk appeared the most expensive sold picture,
    Canvas, oil, the size of a picture 60х50 see, 2008.
    The buyer of a picture wished to remain unnamed

    Proceeds will be sent to Fund on fight against poverty.

    As at an exhibition its scandalous work was presented
    Eugen Calmic
    Mother - Elton John feeding
    Very scandalous work


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