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  1. I like your picture :)
    Happy week end.
    Come follow me back :)

  2. Hi there! Just found your blog on the Find New Friends weekend blog hop. What a neat blog you have! I am the mom to nine children, and the last 3 babies were delivered at home - all water births, one of those "unassisted" in that my husband and my midwife just sat back and let me do my thing. It was wonderful being the "first" one to touch her. I even was the one who cut the cord that time (we wait until it stops pulsing before cutting it...I had never heard of letting it dry up and fall off on its own until reading it here on your blog!)

    Had I known that natural childbirth/home birth was so much fun (for me is was FUN!) I would have had them all that way. As it is, the rest were born in a hospital - all good experiences, but nothing like the home births. Lucky for me, no interventions were ever necessary in the hospital - all vaginal births with great outcomes. Epidurals, though. :::: sigh:::: I got braver (and more educated) as I went on!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello -- I'm your newest follower:)



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