The Stylish Blogger Award!

A big THANK You to Carmen at for giving me the...

Carmen is a SAHM to one "decadently delicious" boy and expecting her 2nd in June. Show her some love by stopping by to say hi!

To accept the award, you are asked to do a few things. First, link back to the blogger who awarded you, share 7 things about yourself, pay it forward and award 10-15 other blogs with the award, and let those bloggers know that you gave them the award.

I'm giving this Stylish Blogger Award to two amazing cool bloggers who have been so kind, supportive and welcoming!

This is my 3rd Stylish Blogger Award and I'm running out of "new" things to share, but here goes...

  1. I have dimples. :)
  2. I have a pretty good sense of humor.
  3. Lavender is my favorite essential oil.
  4. I love to clean. I wish I had more time and energy to do it.
  5. Geology is my favorite subject. 
  6. I watched "The Avatar" for the 1st time last month. It is now my favorite movie.
  7. I love the "behind the scenes" business functions . I hope to accomplish a successful home-based business someday soon. ;)


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