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This post brought to you by Pier 1. All opinions are 100% mine.

My old friend Spring is back! How I've missed my Spring Time! She won't be around for long, after all she is a fair-weathered friend, but she is certainly welcome after that old tyrant, Winter brought with him his luggage, better known as the blizzard of 2011. It seemed as though he would never leave.

But He's gone. And she's here, and its time to spend some quality time with her! What better way to do it than with some new patio furniture? I've been checking out Pier 1 and I'm feeling their groove when it comes to their furniture. What I like about Pier 1 is the fact that you can purchase the cushions that comes in different colors and styles separately from the chairs. You can pick your pieces to created a customized look for "un-customized" prices. 

Paisley Outdoor Accent Table

The Paisley Outdoor Accent Table is a good way to spruce up your existing furniture with a pop of color. How good would your tea tray look steaming on this table? With it's handcrafted ceramic tile and wrought iron, it'll inspire a pinky-raising, good time with your gal friends. What really works with these furniture is the fact that it can be used indoor as well! Bring it inside if you having an indoor soiree. At $89.00, you get a multi-purpose table. The majority of Pier 1 furniture are multi-purposed in the way of being indoor/outdoor "flexible".

Assorted Wall Art can give bare walls a pop of much needed color. At Pier 1, you can get these decorative wall art for $19.99, a mark down from it's original price tag of $30. I think it'll go well with the Paisley Accent Table color scheme. 

Wall Art



Personally, I LOVE the Ciudad Corner Chair. I love the clean lines and modern look. Interestingly, it's not my typical style, but is very appealing to me for whatever reason. 

Outdoor Ciudad Corner Chair

It's going have to do on my "wishful thinking" list for a while, with seven children, I would be insane to buy something like this! However, the Papasan chair, otherwise known as the moon or dish chair, would be perfect for my snuggling my babes with.


You can choose from a variety of stylish cushions. The Red Rose Papasan Pad is so fun-looking, it would be a  good fit for a little girl's room. 


Red Rose Papasan Pad

Whether you believe in evolution or not, this is it at it's finest... The Rockasan chair! It's the ultimate comfort chair! I can see it being a good nursing chair for me. Probably not for a first-time nursing mom, but more for moms who have established nursing an older baby 6 months and up. It's definitely a snuggle chair I'd love to have! 

You could read a book in or to (your child). Add the Red Rose Papasan Pad, and you have a fun chair for kids to sit and rock in. You may want a "no eating in the chair" rule, as I imagine crumbs would be a nightmare to clean out! The Double Papasan and Swingasan Chairs are new to Pier 1 as well. Stop past and check 'em out!

Pier 1 Tweetups is coming to NYC on April 20th. If you're in the area stop by and meet bloggers and tweeters alike!


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