Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Breast Feeding Moms Group!

Not too long ago, I've joined MomnBaby a community of moms who chat about various topics. They are pretty new, the last I checked they have about 500 members. Naturally, the first thing I did was look for a breast feeding group. They didn't have one so I created one! We are 5 members strong! You don't have be a lactating mom to join, you can be pro-breast feeding and/or pregnant and considering it, but I would love to see more members in my group. I want it to be a non-judgmental place where breast feeding moms can come and share as well as ask questions. Here's my little group button I put together.


I also created another group as well called Follow Me! I Follow You! It's about numbers and blog love! We all know that our numbers need to be good in order to be a successful PR friendly blog. Join me and share your tips, blog hops and other related information. It's a good way to make blog friends and connections. Hope to see you there! We're 9 members strong and growing!



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