Punctuality Tips

We're on our way back from walking the older children to school. This my
newly five and (very) free-spirited son! He's wearing his back pack
although he's not the one attending school, he's not to be left out.

I've been asked on occasion how I get all six and myself out on time so
I thought I'd share. Now mind you, it doesn't always happen, but I'm
known for my punctuality. So here goes...


Keep it simply sublime! Determine how long the walk/outing will be. Keep
it basic while prioritizing your must haves on your walk. Over packing
what you want to bring, can add minutes to your preparation, and make
for a burdensome trip.


As mothers we know that its all in the details! A missing jacket can
make for wasted time. You don't need to lay out outfits the night before
as long as you know what outfits will be worn on the outing, and where
they are, the battle is half won.

It is vital to have socks, shoes, scarves, mitts etc. in one place. It
can mean the difference between being late or on time. This can be done
the night before. Or you can get up earlier than usual and collect what
you need.


Set loose, short-term goals at 30 minutes or hourly increments. For
example: breakfast by 7:00, dressed by 7:30, hair by 8:00. What ever
works for you, always give your schedule a lot of breathing room for
that last minute diaper change that's guaranteed to work its way in from
time to time.

Most importantly, when everyone is ready to go, give yourself at least
30 to 40 minutes of "get out the door" time. This is when strollers/car
seats are set up. Jackets/coats, shoes are put on.

Do you have any punctuality tips? Please share. :)

*Blogging on the go!


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