British Artist Needs Photos, Videos of Birth

I received this tip from Laura Shanley, owner of  Born Free , an unassisted childbirth website. If you're interested in the opportunity, please contact Alex directly.



I'm a female artist working on a project to show the emotional/psychological journey of childbirth and how the choices we make (or are persuaded to make) surrounding birth in a culture of fear has an impact on that journey.


I will be refilming and reframing existing material to avoid replicating the culture of 'socialisation of birth' as Michel Odent puts it.


The final work will be used in gallery settings. And there will be no nudity in the piece because the f ocus will always be on the face.


What I would ideally like from you if you do decide to get involved are videos of yourself during the birthing process. Whatever video or photographic footage you have that you think might add to the project I’m interested in that.


Previous projects have included a series of images of men, tracking my negotiations and a series of images of the feminist scene in London, UK, over the last 4 years. My work is currently on the front cover of the Routledge Journal ‘Feminist Media Studies’ and has been covered in ‘The International Feminist Journal of Politics’, The F word, Trespass, The Paper Eaters and others. I’ve exhibited work at universities, galleries, radical bookshops and at various events in London. My work has been archived by the Women’s Art Librar y (MAKE) and by the British Library.


I'm happy to talk to anyone who wants to about this project. Please do give out my email address and perhaps there are ways of talking (sort of face to face over Skype). I'm based in London, UK so a personal meeting would be less easy. But I hope I'll hear from some of you. Thanks and my very best wishes,

Alex Brew (alexandbrew @


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  2. I would be interested in seeing the finished product. I only know of one person who has given birth unassisted and that was for all four of her kids. I'll be passing this info on to her to see if she is interested in doing something like this. :)

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    By the way, you know two people now :) I birthed unassisted as well :)

    Thanks for sharing!

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