Home, The Foundation For Success

Happy summer everyone! The children are home from school and summer vacay begins! I have to apologize for being missing in action for the last month. I haven’t  been blogging as consistently as I would have like to have been for several reasons. The first reason may sound a bit silly or inconsequential to you all, but it certainly threw a monkey wrench into my quality blogging time. If you’ve been following me as of late, you know that I have recently acquired a new phone (smart phone). I will fully admit that I am dependant upon my phone for details my brain cannot hold, so for me this was a HUGE transition. Add to that my old phone was a Sidekick (yes, that old thing!) which pales in comparison to my current Android phone, which has the latest. The simplest tasks like sending an email was an event that I used to do without blinking. My smart phone contributes approximately 60 percent of my blogging resources.

Secondly, I’ve fallen behind in some important projects at home. As summer now has arrived, I find myself scrambling to play catch up big time as I have several plans I want to implement. A home not in order has a big impact  on the success of  it’s inhabitants. The success of my family is extremely important to me so I cut down on my blogging time to ensure things get done. As much as I enjoy blogging, and finding new blogs to read, home comes first, I’m sure you moms agree.  I’m slowly, but relentlessly accomplishing the tasks that need to be accomplished, and boy does it feel great! Having the children contribute to these projects makes the job go a lot faster, albeit smoother!

So I’m praying for a successful summer routine that will benefit the whole family. And I’m hoping to implement this routine by next week, naturally, that routine will include blogging time for me :).

I have several posts in the works including a new giveaway coming soon! If you love Tropical Traditions and their Virgin Coconut Oil, then you will want to stay tuned for the Coconut Cream Concentrate I plan to review and giveaway! Thank you to all who participated, entered, tweeted and blogged about my Palm Oil giveaway (closed). It was a success!

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What are are your plans for your family for the summer? How do you establish order in your home?



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