August is Breast Feeding Month

It looks as if August is the official month for breast feeding awareness on the local, national and global scale. The Chicago Family Health Center is celebrating as proclaimed by Governor Pat Quinn, Breast Feeding Promotion Month by highlighting all of it's Breast Feeding programs.

The United States Breast Feeding Committee proclaims the month of August to be "National Breast Feeding Month" on August 6th. Here's a snippet of the proclamation...

Therefore, on this 6th day of August, 2011, the United States Breastfeeding Committee does hereby proclaim August as National Breastfeeding Month, in furtherance of USBC’s role to advance breastfeeding on our Nation’s agenda through collaboration, leadership, and advocacy, so that all U.S. families will have the opportunity to breastfeed. Read The Entire Proclamation
In celebration of the month of breast feeding, I'd like to remind everyone that my Breast feeding directory is still open and on going! Add your link and discover other moms like you!


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