Misdiagnosed Miscarriages Are They Common Practice?

A few days ago a headline caught my eye, "Misdiagnosed Miscarriage". Intrigued, I read the article. It highlighted a story of a mom who was pregnant, but went to see her doctor because of some bleeding she was experiencing. The doctor told her she was miscarrying and wanted to schedule a D & C,  Dilation and Curettage (surgery). She refused the procedure. Some weeks later, they discovered the baby alive and well through an ultrasound. She went on to deliver a healthy baby. The article stated that a misdiagnosed miscarriage is rare, but does happen. (I didn't bookmark the article when I found it, and couldn't find the link afterwards. My apologies.)

However, on my quest to find the article I read, I found a forum dedicated to this topic with hundreds of women sharing their stories. This begs the question, is it rare or more common? Clearly if a miscarriage is misdiagnosed, it wouldn't be "discovered' if a D&C was performed.

The owner of the site Misdiagnosed Miscarriage shares her stories. (Misdiagnosed twice)

During my first pregnancy, at twelve weeks, I was sitting down watching television when I had the sensation of losing control of my bladder. By the time I reached the bathroom, there was a trail of blood and I was hemorrhaging. We made it to the emergency room in record time and had already been told by two separate individuals that this was most likely a miscarriage. The fact that the doctor was unable to find the heartbeat seemed to verify my impending loss. However, 24 hours later, through an ultrasound we discovered my baby was alive and kicking. Again, at seventeen weeks, I suffered another hemorrhaging episode and, in fact, bled throughout most of the remaining pregnancy. My son is here today and we found out, after I delivered through the placental pathology report, that my placenta had had a stroke, was partially dead and the umbilical cord was not even fully attached. My son is truly a miracle baby. Read the second story here.

I realize the topic of miscarriages is not an easy one. I have not personally experienced a miscarriage...I have all the respect for those who have. I created this blog for the purposes of support and empowerment through sharing, learning and growth by knowledge. It is this very reason why I'm writing about this topic. I've spent some time on MisdiagnosedMiscarriage website and is truly a wealth of information, and covers a variety of topics related to a diagnosed/misdiagnosed miscarriages. If you find yourself in this situation, I truly encourage you to stop past and check it out. I will placing this site on my sidebar as a permanent link.


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