Chicago Bans Bumper Pads

  Chicago becomes the first city in the country to ban bumper cribs because of suffocation risks.  The council banned the bumper cribs following an investigative report by the Chicago Tribune that discovered reports of suffocation associated with the pads, were not sufficiently acted upon by federal regulators.

The Chicago Tribune reports:
Despite objections from the industry, Chicago on Thursday became the first city in the country to ban the sale of crib bumper pads due to concern that the popular products pose a suffocation risk to babies.
The City Council approved the ordinance in response to Tribune investigations that found federal regulators have received reports of babies suffocating for years but have failed to warn parents or investigate all deaths. – Read More
The article makes a valid point. Bumper pads were originally made to cover the space between the slats that were too far apart. However the 1970 regulations mandated the slats on cribs become closer, eliminating the need for the pads. The ban goes into effect in Chicago in seven months.


  1. Very interesting. After my son died (from birth defects), I was so freaked out about any little thing, I quit using bumper pads with my other kids.

    I agree--it is a valid point.


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