Green Tea, Weight Loss and Cholesterol

I LOVE tea. I drink tea as much as I drink water and I truly believe several cups of tea a day can improve health and wellness. Since baby has been born, I've shed about 20 lbs. I credit tea and coconut oil for this.

I don't do any official exercising, other than running after babies. While, I believe exercise along with diet (eliminating hydrogenated fats and processed salt) is vital to losing weight, with seven children, I just do not have the time to dedicate to it. So, it's certainly pleasing to see results.

I prefer naturally occurring, as opposed to synthetic, caffeinated teas, such as a "general" green tea and Yerba Mate. Personally, naturally occurring caffeinated teas gives me a good energetic boost, and not a "nervous energy" that I typically experience with synthetic caffeine. This boost gives me the energy I need to run around a little longer than needed, thus supporting some weight loss. I am a breast feeding momma as well. Having done my research and carefully examining how my tea-drinking affects my baby, I believe natural caffeine is OK for me. I encourage moms who do breast feed to do their research, and monitor their babies. You can read my post about breast feeding and tea here says that green tea alters gene expression to improve cholesterol metabolism, more good news for green tea lovers!

(NaturalNews) Green tea consumption has been shown to benefit many health issues ranging from help with weight management to cancer prevention and treatment. New research published in theBritish Journal of Nutritionexplains that the natural extract from the Camellia sinensis plant has a powerful effect on cholesterol metabolism in the human body. Most forward thinking health professionals understand that dysfunction in the LDL cholesterol pathway lays the foundation for cardiovascular health problems, cancer and fatty liver disease. Regular green tea consumption is now shown to improve healthy LDL cholesterol function, enabling the fatty molecule to efficiently usher excess cholesterol from the body and to improve risk factors for many chronic disease conditions.
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