Mom Plans to Stream Upcoming Birth on Web

A Barrhaven mom will invite millions of viewers into her home as she plans to give birth at home in a few weeks. This impending birth will be her third at home.

Nancy Salgueiro wants to "break down fears" about childbirth. She urges teens and up to watch her birth.

This mother of two (both born at home), believes birth has been taken out of the home...

“Things stand in our way to giving birth naturally,” Salgueiro said. “It’s been taken away.” She said until recent generations, children saw their mothers, aunts and others go through childbirth right where the family lived. “Birth has been taken out of the homes and made all secret and unknown,” she said. “(Births) you’ve seen on TV; it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not what a real birth is like. That’s a disturbed, medicalized event. “Birth isn’t a medical event. It’s just normal physiology.”

I couldn't agree more. If you want to witness her birth online, register on her website Your Birth Coach . I, for one, plan on watching! Hopefully, I won't be too occupied, Nancy is due on the fifth of October, but we all know babies will arrive when they are good and ready.

Will you watch??



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