The Results of An Institutionalized Birthing System

A month ago I wrote a post, “Pie Chart in the Sky, Home Birth Mortality in Perspective” . This post expounds and reiterates some of my points in that post. I feel it is vital to bring these facts to the forefront when home births are constant under attack by doctors who do not acknowledge the serious problems that plague, “safest” place to birth your baby…what I call the institutionalized birthing system.

It goes without saying that life is full of risks. Simply driving down the street is a risk we take every day. Some risks increase with intended participation. The question becomes does our intended participation in a home birth  increase risks or does it increase in a hospital setting?
Home birth, like everything in life contains risks. This is the problem with those exaggerating home birth risks is that they fail to recognize and/or mention the failing grade of our institutionalized birthing system embraced by our nation as a whole. With 99 percent of moms who birth at a hospital, the statistics (evidence) do not support the hospital to be the best, or even the safest place to give birth for low-risk pregnancy as touted by many doctors.

Let's pause here to clarify, hospitals undoubtedly save lives and are skilled in necessary life-saving measures. When those life-saving measures are applied to non-threatening situations (interventions) consequences occur. It is these consequences that carry serious risk of harm.

Yearly the cesarean rates continue to rise. It now tops the charts at 34 percent. Consider that embolism is the number one cause of maternal mortality (reported by Amnesty, “Deadly Delivery”), a post-cesarean risk/side effect. With 99 percent of moms birthing in a hospital, consider the infant mortality ranking that reflects this “safe” system. With 99 percent of moms under care of this birthing system, consider the high pre-term rates shared by WHO (World Health Organization) .
Doctors and other officials dramatically slam home birth, but easily forget the mounting evidence that tattle tells… hospitals pose the same level of risk they insist home births have, if not dramatically more.

Here’s an article compiled Michael J. Stark PH.D for the Maryland Friends of Midwives, on home birth safety.  The article was written in 2007, but bears relevant information that speaks to the evidence that home birth IS a safe option for low-risk moms.

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