6 Reasons Why You Should Have More Children

Large families rock! With our brood of seven, the nine of us are a community within a community and I LOVE it. Don't get me wrong, there is a LOT of work, commitment and sacrifice involved in managing a family of nine, more often than not, I am counting the blessings of a large family.

I cannot tell how many times people have confessed to me, their secret desire to have more children than they already have. For every person that calls me crazy for birthing seven babes, there are two more who pull me aside and admit they shouldn't have stopped at the number that they did.

If you're thinking of having more children, here are my personal reasons why you should!

Community ~ If done right, a large family can be a community that gives each other...
Love and...
Friendship ~ Every parent wants their child to have friends and go out of their way to build friendship with neighbors, classmates etc. What I've found is my children have better friends in each other, than other children, who may have negative influences or behavioral issues.

I've found these four reasons to be so vital in surviving today's societal climate. We give them the tools to support, befriend and love each other outside of the home as well as inside. This gives them such a sense of security when they're at school or at the playground together. Something they wouldn't have if they were an only child. 
Accountability ~ I've seen so much good that comes with an "accountability partner" of sorts. We encourage the children to remind each other proper respectful behavior, attitudes and speech.

Reality ~ I truly believe having more than one child gives children a good and reasonable perception of reality. Having had my first born for seven and a half years before my second child, it was difficult to teach the concept of sharing and getting along with others when you are the center of everyone's world. Having more children around prepares a child for adulthood. Sharing is something that is inescapable and inevitable for every single person alive.We share the same air, water, streets earth, etc. Having more children can give a child a proper perception of life...that life does not cater to them. It will give them the resources they need to deal with life effectively as children and adults. 

This can be achieved if love is the law in the home. Love and respect are synonymous. Respectful attitude. Respectful behavior. Respectful speech should be emphasized, encouraged and corrected as necessary. Allowing children in mistreating each other in large families can have the opposite impact of a happy, peaceful family.   


  1. You never cease to amaze me! Still will not do that whole labour thing again though ;)

  2. LOL! ((hugs))

    Yeah, that can be a deterrent :)


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