Group Giveaway Opportunity!

I'm excited to participate in this upcoming giveaway! If you'd like to join, there are just 11 spots left! Read the information below and fill out the form!

Sign Ups are NOW open to join us in giving away....
 Power Wheels Dune Racer
Would you like to host this HUGE giveaway on your blog? Group giveaways are a great way to network, and gain new followers, while offering your current readers an AWESOME HUGE giveaway that will keep them coming back for more!
We will be accepting 30 blogs to partner in this event!
  • Dates: 11/2 to11/23 (runs for 3 weeks)
  • Cost: $10.00 to include the link of your choice- (GFC, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Grand Prize: A Power Wheels Dune Racer
Click HERE to sign up for the event! Don't delay! Secure your spot now! You will receive an email confirmation with button code, when I receive your form submission, and paypal payment to The week prior to the event, you will receive the Rafflecopter code, as well as a post you may use or edit for the event. Click HERE to be notified of all of our group giveaways!


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  2. Hi I want to join the Group giveaways but I don't know how to put buttons on my web site.I have a blog with blogger.Please help.I am your new follower. Thanks

  3. Thanks so much for following! I sent an email your way :)


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