Rhode Island Hospitals End Baby Formula Giveaways

As this fall, Rhode Island became the first state in the nation to end its infant formula giveaway program in all hospitals statewide. They hope to boost their breast feeding rates.

It's an amazing step towards the right direction. Studies consistently show the link to low breast feeding rates and free infant formula giveaways in hospitals. The article states that formula will still be available to moms who have difficulty breast feeding.

I would really hope that Rhode Island will back up this bold step with a change in hospital policy in regards to the feeding schedule. This was a serious problem for me when I had my second child in the hospital. The feeding schedule was not baby-led, and I constantly fought off nurses who wanted to give formula to my daughter. Additionally, Breast feeding education amongst staff is extremely vital to this change, otherwise, there's no point in taking a big splash, if it's doesn't have a solid plan to back it up.

A big kudos to Rhode Island for taking the plunge. What do you think? Do you think Rhode Island will follow through?



  1. Wish I had stopped by your blog earlier! Pretty much about everything I have a passion for!

    This post revved me up. Kind like when I receive those samples in the mail touting how my child can pretty much only be healthy if I give her the "formulated" concoction in the envelope! Argh! I was actually just writing a post (rant) about it!

    Pardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!


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