Boston Tea Company Green & White Tea Review

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Green teas are another staple in my tea diet. Normally, I prefer my greens “plain Jane”, but I was willing to venture bravely in the land of flavored green tea, with flowers, no less! My daughter and I both tried the Organic Jasmine Green Tea.

The ingredients that made up this tea were: Organic Chinese Green Tea, Organic Jasmine Petals, Organic Lemon Peels, Organic Apple Bits, Marigold Petals, Jasmine Flavor.  I really enjoyed the combination of Jasmine and Green tea. The fragrance is just divine! I’ve had just plain Jasmine tea and I usually drink it unsweetened with a sconce or similar type of treat. I was able to do the same with the Organic Jasmine, and I usually prefer to sweeten my greens with raw sugar.  I found the beverage to be very invigorating. My eldest daughter enjoyed it as well, she preferred Chocolate Mint Rooibos as a choice. She’s not much of a green tea drinker, though. My children are mainly stuck on the Rooibos teas!  I will say this…naturally flavored teas taste much better than teas that are artificially flavored.  At least, for me, I taste the difference between the two.


What a treat this tea was! I have forgotten about my whites. I can get so caught up with my other tea loves that I easily forget how gentle, soothing and mild white teas are. They are the lowest in caffeine because they are processed the least. While I have had experienced the pleasures of white tea, I’ve yet to try the Peony. Rare and exotic, this tea is plucked from very small buds in the spring and hails from Fujian province of China. I wanted to find out more information about this new tea so I went looking. Here’s what The Right Tea had to say about Peony…
In China, the highest grades of White Peony tea offer you leaves covered with a fine, silvery white down, a sweet taste and a light colour. Such grades tend to be hard to find in the United States, for example.
Lower grades are likely to be more common, offering you a nutty and smoky flavour, as well as having a darker colour when infused. So if you happen to come across a higher grade, do not miss the opportunity to taste it.
They were absolutely right! So mild and  light,  it was delicious sweetened with raw sugar, although I could easily have drank this tea without it.  The color was a light brown, orange-y  combination. The leaves were gorgeous!
IMG_20111220_123508 Don’t those leaves look sexy? This my favorite way to brew teas, loose and fancy-free. You get more value for your money and the ability to control the strength of your tea this way.  It takes an extra step or two, but you truly enjoy the tea without restrictions in this form.

A HUGE thank you to Boston Tea Company for sending me a generous amount of teas to review! Check out their selection of quality teas at

Boston Tea Company provided me with free samples of these products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it, if I so choose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in turn for the free products. All opinions are my own.


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