Saturday, December 24, 2011

Free Virgin Coconut Oil From Tropical Traditions Ends 12/25!

UPDATE: The free jar of coconut oil has been extended until midnight 12/26!

Virgin coconut oil has become a very important staple in my diet and the diet of my family. It is so multi-functional and healthy. I use it for hair health and as a deodorant. I  love it with my teas! Specifically, Yerba Mate. It has become a “must have” for me.

When Tropical Traditions announced a quart of free VCO as Christmas present, I was all over that like brown on rice! If you’ve yet to experience Virgin Coconut Oil, but would like to, here is your chance. You can read my review on Tropical Tradition’s Gold Labeled Virgin Coconut Oil, considered to be one of the BEST, here.

To get your free quart of Gold Labeled, certified organic, Virgin Coconut oil, you must place an order of $16.00 to qualify for the freebie. The retail value of the coconut oil is $40.00, so you're still getting a good value for your money. All orders qualify until midnight 12/25. You’ll need to add the VCO to the cart in addition to your other items.

 32-oz. - Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil - 1 quart

Are you going to get your Christmas present from Tropical Traditions? What else are you going to get from them?


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