Menstrual Cups Eco & Pocket Friendly

They say you learn something new everyday. I was fascinated to read about something called Menstrual Cups. These are reusable, eco-friendly menstrual products that are inserted into the vagina to catch the flow, removed, rinsed and reused. These cups are made of rubber/silicon. The obvious advantage would be to the landfills and even in your pockets. Although these cups can cost up to $30.00 or more, there’s no question the cost will pay off in the long run.

Here I am thinking my only options were a tampon and a pad. I’ve had a recent experience in using a disposable feminine product. It was overly fragranced. Now while that may seem like a “good” thing, I was disturbed by the amount of chemicals that were in it. Especially when the fragrance lingered for a while.
These cups are not widely known among women. I have no idea how they work, but I would certainly like to check them out. Do you use menstrual cups? I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment.


  1. Hi there. I have a Diva cup. I was never really a tampon user because I was basically afraid of them thinking it had to be bad for you to use them. I had been using "momma cloth" for a while and that worked great. when I discovered the cups I was, too, intriqued. I still don't think its probably really healthy to have a foreign thing inserted into your body like that for extended periods of time but that's just me. I thought it would be a better option, however, for those times when pads are not convenient (swimming etc).

    So I used it a couple times. Really once my cycles returned after I had that (exclusively breastfed) baby, I only had a couple and then was pregnant with #6 and he is an infant now. So I didn't have much opportunity to use it. It did work. It took a little practice to figure how to get it inserted right. But no biggie. I didn't have any leakage or anything and I have really quite heavy cycles.

    I would recommend it to you. If you have any more questions let me know. Like I said, I had limited experience with it but maybe I can help.

  2. Yes that is so helpful! High-five for large families! :)

    Tampons are generally associated with TSS so you are right to be cautious and concerned. I've used them for years with no problem (tampons are the lesser of two evils, cannot stand pads!). Until lately, after baby #7 I've noticed my cramping intensified whenever I use them. So I'm looking into other options. The savings to my pocketbook is also VERY attractive to me.

    I have a teen and I'd love to introduce her to them as well.

  3. Good news! I'll be reviewing AND giving away a "starter kit" from Softcup!

    I'm so excited about this one! Subscribe by email, GFC or RSS to for the announcement!


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