National Nurse-In at Target Stores

Photo Credit: HuffingtonPost

Michelle Hickman, whose right to breast feed in public, was all but ignored when she was humiliated, not only by Target employees, but on the corporate level, is planning a national nurse-in at Target stores everywhere. Hickman created a Facebook group, which I’ve joined. It currently has  3407 members to date.

The nurse –in is set to take place December 28th.  The moms in the group are fired up and ready to go! It’s fantastic to see a positive movement! However, I suspect it will take more than just a national nurse-in to make a serious impact. Target has been accused of harassing breast feeding moms in the past

Do you think you'll participate in a nurse-in?


  1. Yes I will be participating! I am not a mother who normally nurses in public, but I am tired of seeing mothers who do berated for trying to provide their child's most basic need: sustenance. I will at my local Target on Wednesday... even if I am going alone. It's time to de-sexualize the breast and recognize a baby's right to eat when they are hungry... not when people are comfortable with them eating.

  2. I love it! I'm hoping to go as well! My daughter was given a gift card. I'm gonna make it a girls day out. No pun intended!


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