Friday, December 9, 2011

A Profile on the International Center for Traditional Childbearing

The International Center for Traditional Childbearing is a non-profit organization for infant mortality prevention, breast feeding promotion and midwife-training.

Founded by Shafia M. Monroe in 1991, this organization is African centered and headquartered in Portland, Oregon. As a grassroots organization, ICTC formed with the purpose of "supporting the needs of black women who desire to become midwives." They do this by information and referrals and use a traditional African-based model, community workshops, leadership training, the apprentice model and more.


The Sistah Care Health Career Program is for students ranging from ages 13 to 17. It is a high school career exploratory program for students interested in nursing, midwifery and relating child health professions.

Full Circle Doula Training Program is sponsored by ICTC for those interested in learning doula skills.
Full Circle Doulas learn the history of midwifery as a model of care, infant mortality prevention, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and labor, nutrition and herbs, labor comfort measures, breastfeeding techniques, and much more.
Go here for their training dates and and locations.  The site also has helpful resources such as the history of black midwifery and a listing of doulas.


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