Home Births Can Be “Baby-Friendly”

“The time has come to set forth the important roles and responsibilities of clinicians, employers, communities, researchers, and government leaders and to urge us all to take on a commitment to enable mothers to meet their personal goals for breastfeeding.“
Regina M. Benjamin, M.D., M.B.A. Vice Admiral, U.S. Public Health Service Surgeon General
The breast feeding report card provides perspectives on state and national trends on breastfeeding. The CDC has been compiling breast feeding stats to track breast feeding rates for the last five years. Although more babies are being born in baby-friendly hospitals, less than five percent of babies are born in baby-friendly hospitals.  Read More

Despite the fact that 99% of women birth in hospitals, hospitals are largely considered un-baby friendly. In other words, they lack the policies in place to encourage or improve breast feeding rates. I find all of this incredibly ironic. Home birth has been vilified by doctors and proponents against home births,  yet it’s the one place that is most baby friendly. Having a home birth and breast feeding almost always goes hand in hand. I’d LOVE to know the breast feeding rates of home birth. I’m willing to bet it puts it’s counterparts to shame.  At a home birth, the birth is planned, and centered around that child(ren) and the mom. Mom receives a lot of support and love. The expectation of breast feeding is almost always unquestioned. At least it was for me and my midwife.  It’s unfortunate home births are misunderstood. I truly believe if home births were accepted and encouraged, breast feeding rates would increase naturally. Take a look at the the “baby-friendly” chart… So, so sad…

Photo credit: CDC.gov


  1. I had my youngest child at home in 1986. It was the BEST thing I ever did. My two hospital births prior to that had been nightmares.

    1. I completely agree! My hospital birth was a nightmare! I was induced and am thankful EVERYDAY I didn't end up in the O.R.


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