Menstrual Softcups Giveaway Ends Tonight

If you haven't had a chance to enter into the Instead Softcup Starter Pack Giveaway, you can still do so. The Giveaway will end tonight.

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Giveaway coming soon....

Raw, Organic Coconut Water Vinegar from Tropical Traditions. 

This vinegar is pretty unique. From the TT website...

"In the Philippines and other tropical places, raw coconut water is often left in the open air to ferment, where it eventually turns into a vinegar. The fermentation process enhances the nutrients, unlike heat pasteurization. The acidic environment prevents the growth of undesirable bacteria naturally. This process is a "backyard" cottage industry, however, and the final product is seldom consistant or attaining to our high standards. Therefore, Tropical Traditions worked with professors at the University of the Philippines for several years to develop an incubation system that could produce clean coconut water vinegar from our certified organic coconuts (used to make our Virgin Coconut Oil) and retain the mother of vinegar (a colony of bacteria cultures) as a truly raw product. We use the mother of vinegar to inoculate future batches of organic coconut water vinegar."

I'm excited to try this one out. I'm a salad lover, so I plan to use this in my salad dressing as well as a electrolyte drink. Read more about this vinegar here. Sign up by email or RSS for the announcement. 


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