Natural Ways to lose Weight

Since I became a mother, I’ve been dedicated to learning natural ways to preserve and keep my families’ health safe and have picked up quite a few revelations on the way. I am in no way what you would consider “skinny”. I believe I am a healthy weight, but would like to be a few pounds lighter, like everyone else.  Simply put, exercise is the most natural way anyone can lose weight. However, exercise is simply not an option for me. I’m definitely not sitting around though. I’m active in the sense that I’m always on my feet  doing the three C’s. Cleaning, cooking and chasing. There are days when I realize I’ve been on my feet for hours without a thought about it.  I tell you, if it wasn’t for breast feeding, I would simply forget to sit a minute and relax!
With that said, my weight loss regimen has been focused on my eating habits and I’ve discovered some pretty nifty ways to decrease the pounds without the treadmill.

I discovered sole two years ago.  Sole is a solution of Himalayan Pink Salt and water. Himalayan Pink Salt is unrefined salt that has an abundance of minerals. A teaspoon added to eight ounces of water to drink behaves as an electrolyte drink, in addition to balancing out pH levels. Drinking sole first thing in the morning, on an empty tummy gives me energy. I’ve also experienced some weight loss and a change in my cravings. Read more about sole here.

VCO is undoubtedly a super food! Well, more like a super fat. Having added this oil in my diet for the past year, I simply don’t know how I lived without it prior. It has given me energy. My skin feels smooth and silky. My scalp which was prone to break outs during my cycle, no longer behaves that way. The biggest change would be my appetite. While sole did affect my appetite for sugary sweets, VCO has changed my cravings to fruits and veggies. I still LOVE me some chocolate, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not gung-ho about it. Additionally, I've developed a taste for dark chocolate and cacao, something I used to dislike! Taking a tablespoon of VCO with food has had the biggest impact on my weight. By the way, here’s a fun fact, VCO contains lauric acid, a major fatty acid present in breast milk!

Yerba Mate, one of my favorite of teas! I just LOVE, LOVE this tea! It’s native to the  South American rain forest and has naturally occurring caffeine. Unlike synthetic caffeine, it’s stimulating effects are gentler and longer lasting. It is an energy drink in the true sense of the word. It is also somewhat of a natural appetite suppressant, which definitely helps with weight control. More importantly, it is amazingly nutritious! Yerba Mate contains vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Iron.  Read my post Yerba Mate and the Breast Feeding Mom!

Green tea is also  known as a natural weight regulator. Green tea is a good source of antioxidants. I enjoy several cups of green tea a day.

I want to reiterate that I DO believe that exercise is a must in weight loss. With seven children, I simply don’t have the time. Since that is the case, a change in diet must occur.
  • REPLACE, not eliminate your salt intake with unrefined (unprocessed  salt). Salt is a needed component by the body. Read my post, Is Table Salt Giving Salt A Bad Name?
  • REPLACE, not eliminate your fat intake with natural fats (no chemical processes). Contrary to popular opinion, our bodies need fat! Eliminate hydrogenated fats from your diet as much as you can. Hydrogenated fats are chemically altered and considered to be the culprit of many health causes, including weight gain. Read my post, Are Hydrogenated Fats Giving Fats a Bad Name?
  • Slimming down naturally  is not  a quick fix scenario. Habits and behaviors go through an adjust period. Taking a moment to boil water for tea can be incorporated into the daily routine.
  • If drinking tea, drink several cups a day.
  • Choose organic teas.
  • Cut down severely on processed foods as much as possible. Replace your sugar with Stevia or raw sugar. Any sugar free of chemical or refined processes would be a better alternative to refined, white sugar.
You don’t need to prissy-fit your way through your diet. Enjoy your food, but be aware of foods that could potentially harm your family’s health in the long run.

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Disclaimer: This post is written on an informative basis, and is not designed to diagnose, or cure or treat. The reader assumes full responsibility in following up the information presented here with personal research.


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