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Iatrogenesis - “originating from a physician” – Adverse effect or complication resulting from medical treatment or advice. - Wikipedia
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A week about the Department of Health and Human Services, Officer of the Inspector General released the latest report of hospital incidence reporting which spoke of poor hospital incidence reporting and little, if any changes resulting from error reports. I happened upon a new term. Iatrogensis. Which is the same subject that report speaks of. Adverse effects or complications caused by hospital errors.

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What I was shocked to find out was that Iatrogenesis is the THIRD cause of death in America as shared by  A study in the University of Toronto claims that pharmaceuticals kill more people than motor accidents.

The article shares this eye-opening information:

Why So Many Deaths?
  • Faulty systems and operating processes
  • The health professional licensing process doesn't pay enough attention to preventing medical errors
  • Efforts to teach prevention have often encountered resistance from healthcare providers and organizations
  • Lack of financial incentives to improve safety and quality of service 
According to JAMA, the most common causes of adverse drug events (without counting the inherent danger certain drugs pose) are the following:

  • Dose error
  • Known allergy
  • Wrong drug/patient
  • Route error
  • Frequency
  • Missed dose
  • Wrong technique
  • Illegible order
  • Duplicate therapy
  • Drug-drug interaction - Read More!
I am convinced more than ever that home births need to be promoted as a viable alternative for low-risk pregnancies. Doulas should be available for every low-risk mom who wants a hospital birth. I get that there is a supply for the demand. We as women need to demystify our bodies, so our demands don't stem from fear. We need to embrace the wondrous functions of our uterus in conjunction with all that separates us from  menfolk as good, normal and miraculous. Demystifying our bodies can only come from understanding it! When we do, we empower ourselves, protect ourselves and families from a system seemingly gone mad.

I want to end this post by urging you to read this fascinating, well-written article, What is Iatrogenesis? It poses the idea that our government and the pharmaceutical industry is an oligarchy, a power structure that rests with an elite group. Are poor adverse reporting systems amongst hospitals that never seem to improve a collaborated effort? It may well be. Check it out. What is Iatrogenesis?

Stop Iatrogenesis - The Number Three Killer in America is Preventable, by


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