Can Yerba Mate Kill Colon Cancer Cells?

I was so excited, finding this article, that I immediately made myself a cup of steaming yerba mate! There’s a bit of history of colon cancer in my family, My mother, may she rest in the peaceful arms of her Savior, passed from colon cancer when I was a child. Her sister (my aunt) was afflicted, and passed with the same illness. My aunt’s daughter, just last year, passed after a battle with colon cancer.
My passion and motivation for “truth in eating” comes partially from my own family history.  However, I don’t believe “prevention” starts at the doctor’s office with a scope inserted up your back end, but rather being aware of what you’re eating, what you’re breathing, and what you’re putting on your body and eliminating it…or at least drastically reducing your exposure to toxins. 
Back to the subject at hand, published an article that shares how yerba mate can kill colon cancer cells!
(NaturalNews) A recent scientific study found that yerba mate tea induces death in human colon cancer cells. Scientists discovered that in vitro cancer cells died when exposed to the bioactive compounds present in one cup of the beverage long valued for its medicinal properties by South American traditional healers.
University of Illinois associate professor of food chemical and toxicology Elvira de Mejia stated "The caffeine derivatives in mate tea not only induced death in human colon cancer cells, they also reduced important markers of inflammation." Mejia observed that this is important since inflammation can lead to cancer progression. Her study was published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research in latter part of 2011.

The study suggests that the mate tea compounds not only have potential as anti-cancer agents but may also be effective against other diseases associated with inflammation. However, since the colon and its microflora play a major role in the absorption and metabolism of caffeine-related compounds, the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects of mate tea may be most potent against bowel cancer. "We believe there's ample evidence to support drinking mate tea for its bioactive benefits, especially if you have reason to be concerned about colon cancer," de Mejia noted. Learn more
Score another one for yerba mate! My favorite beverage keeps surprising me at every turn!

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  1. This is very interesting. I know that there is a strong correlation between the amount of fruits/veggies w/ colon cancer. Folks who are long term vegetarians don't tend to get colon cancer. Something to do w/ the amount of fiber no doubt. A good excuse to make sure there are fruits and veggies every meal :-)


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