Healthy Alternatives to Breast Milk Alternatives

This very informative post is a must read. Inspired by a reader’s question, The Nourished Kitchen provides a wholesome summary of alternatives to breast milk. Here’s a portion of what she wrote and head over to her site to read the rest.

Breast milk is the ultimate real food.  We could quibble and squabble over whether humans are designed to eat grains or dairy (from other animals, that is) or meat or hybridized fruits and vegetables or cooked foods or exclusively raw foods, and there willalways be some room for doubt, contention and debate.

We do know one thing for certain, and that is that breast milk is designed for babies.  It’s what they’re meant to eat; more than that, it’s what they’re meant to eat exclusively for about six months and then in conjunction with other foods as they wean (a process that, when left to its natural devices, takes years.)

The Nourished Kitchen – Milk Sharing

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