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Prenatal Oxylent is a superior quality daily multivitamin that is easy-to-digest, delicious to drink and is specially formulated for a pregnant woman’s needs. It does NOT require swallowing large tablets or capsules!

Nourishes: By offering key nutrients to support your body throughout your pregnancy.* 
Supports: By Providing vitamins C and D for immune and bone health.*
Balances: By providing Magnesium that enhances cellular balance and vitamin B6, which assists in reducing nausea associated with pregnancy.*

Prenatal Oxylent is not your average prenatal multi-vitamin! Here are a few things that contribute to its uniqueness…
  1. It is the official prenatal multi-vitamin of the American Pregnancy Association. (
  2. It delivers quality vitamins by effervescent technology, to ensure maximum absorption.
  3. All Oxylent products are made exclusively with Albion Minerals, a globally recognized leader in true mineral chelates.
  4. Prenatal Oxylent is third-party tested to ensure purity and potency.
  5. Prenatal Oxylent is sweetened naturally without sugar.
We’re launching a blogger program for 25 pregnant and lactating bloggers to a review a box of Prenatal Oxylent!

Blogger Criteria
1. Pregnant and lactating bloggers only.
2. Must not have reviewed Prenatal Oxylent previously.
3. Must have a Facebook & Twitter account with at least 250 followers each.
4. Blogger must reside in the United States.
5. Blogger must meet TOP’s basic blogger criteria (Any criteria here takes priority over TOP’s basic criteria)
6. Please note that this review does not come with a giveaway.

PLEASE ensure this product is agreeable with you BEFORE signing up

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