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In The Longevity Factor, noted neuroscientist and surgeon Joseph Maroon, M.D., offers the definitive look at recent scientific breakthroughs identifying a group of natural substances—including the much publicized molecule resveratol—that can actually activate a specific set of genes in humans that promote a longer, healthier life. These substances, which make red wine, dark chocolate, and green tea good for us, appear to stave off a wide array of age-related diseases and keep us feeling young and vital.

Resveratol is the centerpiece of the headline-making research being conducted at the Harvard Medical School and elsewhere. Only recently, however, have scientists discovered how to isolate resveratrol and concentrate it into an affordable and safe supplement. Already, more than 200 supplements featuring resveratrol have flooded the market, and there are countless more on the way. But which ones work best? What is the consumer to look for on the label? Since resveratrol is a natural substance, can you get enough of it through diet alone, or should you combine diet with supplement? And what lies on the horizon from the pharmaceutical industry? All those questions and many more are answered in this immensely informative and practical book.

Joseph Maroon offers the first ever inside look at the amazing research that has led to the discovery of resveratrol and similar substances with the miraculous ability to activate our own longevity genes. He also offers his own diet plan and sound, reader-friendly advice for living a longer, healthier and more balanced life with or without supplements. The Longevity Factor promises to be the authoritative source for everyone who wants to know more about how we can shift from the current paradigm of aging to a disease free golden age of health, longevity and fitness.


§ 150 mg more EPA per serving than Ultimate Omega®

§ 1000 I.U. of natural vitamin D3 for single-product convenience

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega® Xtra is the latest in synergistic omega-3 nutrition. This unique blend combines enhanced omega-3s with natural vitamin D in the company's best-selling fish oil concentrate. Along with 150 mg of additional EPA, Ultimate Omega Xtra contains 1000 I.U. of naturally-occurring vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), long known for its important role in immunity and regulating levels of calcium and other minerals involved in the maintenance of strong, healthy bones.*
Just one serving of the lemon-flavored soft gels delivers high-intensity support for even the most demanding omega-micronutrient needs. Ultimate Omega Xtra is formulated specifically to help maintain a healthy heart and brain, bones, and your body's natural anti-inflammatory response.


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