When Organic Doesn’t Matter

As consumers in a capitalistic society, we have every responsibility to be informed when it comes to making purchases to enhance our lifestyle…in particularly, a healthy lifestyle.
Choosing organic foods and natural products is certainly a way to be responsible adults and parents. I’ve come to the understanding that choosing organic products is not necessarily the only way to be responsible, accountable adults. I’ve come to the conclusion when investigating a product, there are times when an organic certification certainly doesn’t matter.

How is your food processed?
THIS should be a primary consideration when you are investigating a product. By example, an oil of any type of fruit, vegetable or seed, can be grown organic and become certified in the same sense, but if the process that it goes through does not preserve the purity and wholesomeness of its expected health benefit, then the organic certification bestowed upon that particular product is truly good for firewood.
In addition, in considering a product’s organic and non-GMO status, we must ask deeper questions and inquire into the integrity of product processing. A responsible and honest company will not shirk away from questions and will offer transparency into its processes, practice and creed. A company dedicated to its social responsibility will take further steps by creating innovative practices that supports its mission.
Here are companies with value driven processing practices:

Miessence, makers of the world's first certified organic food-grade cosmetics - www.Miessence.com/TheOliveParent
Vitalah, creators of Oxylent – www.oxylent.com
Nordic Naturals – www.nordicnaturals.com
Organix-South – www.organixsouth.com

Do you know of any value-driven companies? Leave a comment!

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